Has any one tried to eat just weed

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by MR. NICEGUY, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. Oliver Crane

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    I've done it in a desperate attempt to not waste weed... hard to explain... anyway, nothing really happened to me...
  2. bhoboy

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    Decarboxylization is when you heat or smoke your weed a carbin dioxide leaves the thca molocule thc makin it more psychoactic because thca is very psychoactive
  3. Weezard

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    That's kind of confusing.
    Let's see if I can clarify.

    THC-A is the acid form of THC and is not very psychoactive.
    Because the A, means that there is a Carbon and 2 Oxygen molecules attached to it and that makes the THC molecule too large to pass through the blood/brain barrier.

    Heating it to about 250 F. for about a half an hour drives off the CO2 leaving THC which is then small enough to pass through the B/B barrier.
    And that is called decarboxylization.

    The same process happens at room temperature, but will take much, much, longer.
    Months, to years, depending on the temperature.

    So, old weed, that has been stored at room temperature will get you high when ingested.
    Fresh buds? Not so much. :)

    Wee 'zard
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  4. bhoboy

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    There you go i thiuggt i geard curing for a long time can Decarboxilize your smoke
  5. Atakan

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    when I'm constipated i like eating this candy i make with straight flower. i grind up some buds n make some candy mix(like a lollipop) then i just put the flower before i heat it n i have one little piece(like 5 pieces of the grinded nug) n ill be shitting my brains out within minutes, i believe tea would help it too but I've never tried
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    Yeah, cuz selling pills, harsh oil (lmfao)and coke online is perfectly legal. GTFO, spamhole.
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  7. Weezard

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    Posting web links is a violation of TOU.
    Beat it, scammer.
  8. Weezard

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  9. Esteban1

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    Btw, appears to be some nasty azz looking whatever the Fuzz u wanna call it!
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  10. Judgement420

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    My dad does it all the time (Yes, my dad :doublethumbs:) when we went to Amsterdam, or anywhere which sold marijuana, he wouldn't bother smoking it, he would just eat it within seconds. And he always seemed pretty high after he did
  11. Jamie Watkins

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    In a chemistry class a few years ago in college, I learned that THC must reach a temperature of 140 degrees to be activated, so unless your body temp is 140 degrees, eating weed will have no effect on you. Don't fall into the movies or stories of people that ate some and got stoned, because it didn't happen. I had someone challenge me on this fact and they stated..."Well, what about cookies or edibles?!?" Duh, what is the temp of the oven/stove when "baking" edibles, probably hovering around 325-375 degrees.
  12. Jamie Watkins

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    Sorry Nullific, you cannot get get stoned by eating raw weed, THC has to reach 140 degrees to be activated. I took Chemistry and I learned from the best.
  13. Dancing_Bear

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    When I was in my early teens (14 or 15), I was in the car with my sister and her friends. We got pulled over, so they asked me to eat the bud they had on them.
  14. Mcbriinc

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    OH YEAH you have to eat at least 2-3 grams and it takes about an hour to work but it does last longer and it's a total different high. If you like Sativa dominant strains then you'll definitely love this! This is my experience anyway. Enjoy!
  15. tokemj

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    Yup, I have searched trough internet and results shows similar to your statement.
  16. Weezard

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    That's Celsius of course.
    Now hold on a second.
    Are you aware that decarboxylation proceeds at room temperature. albeit a whole lot slower.
    At 250°F. weed decarbs in ~ 35 minutes on a glass plate.
    At 275°F. it takes less than 20 minutes
    As the temperature drops, it still decarbs, just more slowly.

    So, I'll bet you either way.
    If you bet it will get you high, I'll give you a fresh bud to eat.
    The predominant THC-A is too large a molecule to pass the blood/brain barrier.
    And less THC-A becomes 6-hydroxy THC in the liver.
    I win. :)
    If you bet it won't get you high, out comes a bud from the curing jar after ~ 12 months in storage.
    It will have converted enough THC-A to THC to knock your dick in the dirt. :D
    I win again. :D
    Sounds like a can't lose bar bet.
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