Has anybody been watched during a pre-employment UA?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by aronius, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. aronius

    aronius Registered

    Seems like this would really be invading one's privacy, just want to know what to expect. If anybody lives in Texas, please describe your experience.
  2. oLiLlY

    oLiLlY Registered+

    I dont live in texas, but usually for pre-employment testing you will not be watched. I believe if you are being watched you have to sign a consent form....
  3. joker88

    joker88 Registered+

    They cannot watch you they would be breaking the law unless you sign a consent form and who would ever sign it? Who would sign away there right to personal privacy? So to answer your question no that would never happen.
  4. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    Done over 20 UA's never been watched. The only reason they would watch was you did some thing to make them suspicious.
  5. zacharycj

    zacharycj Registered

    i was tested two years ago and it was supervised but the guy had his back to me and wasnt really paying attention because i acted shy and said i couldnt do it with him watchin. and actually its not illegal for them to watch you when you sign the drug test consent form for you employer you have to take the test their way. so just play shy and maybe theyll leave but most the time they just give you a cup and let you go
  6. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Smackdown Moderation

    First of all there is no such thing as a supervised test. You also need to read up on regulations and the drug free work place act because it is illegal for them to observe a pre employment test without cause.
  7. zacharycj

    zacharycj Registered

    so basically what your saying is im lying.
  8. Schmokey78

    Schmokey78 Registered+

    hes not telling you youre lying...hes stating the facts.
  9. TheSmokingMonkey

    TheSmokingMonkey Registered+

    I have taken one pre-employment UA (in 1998, before I started smoking) and I was not watched. They took my possessions but did not pat me down (I think they might have made me empty my pockets), gave me a suspicious look, and sent me into a room with a closed door to give the sample.

    I drank copious amounts of water while waiting in the lobby, which I assume looked suspicious but seriously I just get peeing anxiety, but even so, nobody searched me in the slightest, just took my coat and stuff.
  10. TheSmokingMonkey

    TheSmokingMonkey Registered+

    He's saying that you may be misinformed and that it would benefit you to know the laws so you can use them to your advantage.

    But I don't know who is right - I'm a lover not a fighter.
  11. TomStall

    TomStall Registered

    I was watched during one of my tests. They had me empty my pockets and put my belongings in a locker. The bathroom door was left open as the man stood in the dorway waiting for me to piss in the cup. There was a Mirror placed above the toilet and thats what the guy used to watch me. A mirror above the toilet.

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