Has anyone got arrested for ordering Marijuana seeds from the Internet?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Omerta, May 6, 2004.

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    Uh no not that I know of. But I have heard horror stories of it happening. But that's just word of mouth. Personally if I were you I would just save some from a stash. I have asked my dealer for seeds.
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    Only problem with saving stash seeds is you don't know the quality or strain you have. Order from a reputable seed company Omerta, you will not have any problems. Make sure the address you have them sent to is not the garden address though. I have never had or heard anyone having a problem ordering seeds in the mail.
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    iwould tend to agree you cannot be sure what your going to grow from stash.. saying that,,,there free..buying from a reputable seed bank you can be almost 100% on what you've got,send payment by PO. although a lot of companys require payment by credit card your choice..and No i have never heard of anyone being arrested for buying seeds,,anyone going to the fest.Haddington park sat 5th
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    I just order WW from Dutch seeds two weeks ago havent heard a reply yet but i heard it takes 21 days at the most.Im just prying that it will come by.
  6. king cola

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    where u from?
    in the uk u will be fine, in the usa i dont really know cuz i dont live there! but yeh dont order tio the grow adress!!!
  7. Omerta

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    order it to some abondend house not the grow house.
  8. N30SS

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    wot happen to u ifu grow in the uk?
  9. hydroman221

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    there are many sites where you can buy them and say " they are suveniers"
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    see strains and seeds

    please see the "strains and seeds" section, I just posted my recent experience. Tried to send seeds from Europe to the US on my own, but the package got intercepted. At least no one got busted.
  12. Sam

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    I'm not sure what happens in the States but here in the UK it is completely legal for to possess cannabis seeds, hence the seed sites being allowed to operate and ot being shut down by the DEA as has happened with the Research Chemical Sites. The authorities won't hesitate to keep an eye on you though if they know you have ordered seeds-it only becomes illegal oncew the seeds turn into plants.
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    Actualy its illegal for them to spy and trapt you like that :), so no you wont get caught.
  14. RoguePoet28

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    for your info.... www.seedbankupdate.com seems to have good info on the various seed banks and who might ship to the US.....
  15. cameron

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    hey be careful customs might get that shit and you'll get green papers in the mail. Trust me it happened to me when i ordered a spore syringe of shrooms. It ain't fun and it is serious. Make sure the company labels it differently on the outside b/c customs look for key words and also some companies. But dutch seed company is very well known and is safe.
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    I think that you can possess seeds only if they are seeds and have not sprouted. U can say your were using them for microscopic use only
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    ACTUALLY!! Under the patriot act the government can do whatever they want. They can get your health history, open your mail or arrest you without reason. But the seed sites are very discreet and careful, their business depends on it.
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    www.emeryseeds.com is a very reliable seed retailer, i have personally ordered dozens of strains from them, and have had no problems. they also have warranty's on the seeds, so if your seeds dont germinate, theyll send you some more. my most recent germination rate was 92%, only one seed didnt pop, and only one didnt grow. which is awesome! send the seeds to a "safe house", which is basically a place with no weed affiliation. good luck!
  19. dreadhed

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    no everyone I konw use emery seeds had good seeds & no problems.
  20. Nullific

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    If you're ordering from a different country then there is a chance your seeds could be seized by customs, if the place you ordered from is good at packaging their seeds for shipment then this shouldnt be a problem. You can find out about a lot of seed vendors from overgrow.com

    If your order is seized the worst that happens is you get a letter from customs saying they seized them. Nothing more.

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