Hash Brownie Recipe

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Pimpinisez, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Pimpinisez

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    iight im definitly new at this shit but ive been lookin all over the internet and at abunch of the posts. but none of them tell how to make them step by step. fuckin help me out were can i find a recipe or can someone just give me one
  2. GetDown

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    okay, mate, you really gotta take a quick read, a couple threads down theres this one called easy way, then easiest weed recipe, in both of them youll find this link
    Pot Brownies

    it is a simple, very step by step way, with pictures to show you how to make the finest brownies, also do not be afraid to mix it up a bit, my first time i made it with white choc chips, mil choc chips, macadamias.... also was gonna make a 2nd batch with penut butter but got way too fucked to do it.... just be carefull not to eat too much, my first time i was fuckin high for bout 24 hours, so carefull
  3. ZeldaG.

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    seriously how much did you use??!?!

    i know it says 5grams but i got 4 :p :S lol well okay i got 5 but i am dumb cos i bought what it says in the recipe but realised that after a munch i will probs want to smoke :D

    so can i use 4 grasm ?? :p
  4. dazed1

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    You can use however much you want. Keep in mind that the more you use and the higher quality bud you use, the more potent the brownies will be. You will still be able to get as high with the 4 gram brownies, youll just have to eat more.
  5. Drebbly

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    You should check out this recipe for hash brownies.

    I reckon the orange peel + maltesers make all the difference. If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well! :jointsmile:
  6. BunnywhoSmokes

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    Here's a hash brownie recipe that my friend gave me:

    1. Get ingrediants together.
    2. Melt butter in small pan on LOW heat.
    3. Grind up hash or get in smaller particials.
    4. Put "brown sugar hash" in the butter and stir until hash disolves fully in butter.
    5. Add butter to pre-mix brownie (make sure to combine egg, water, and pre-mix BEFORE you melt hash in butter).
    6. Mix and put in oven as directed on brownie mix box and bake.
  7. IrieIrie

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    man i read that recipe and now i really want to try and make these. they sound good and really easy to do. thanks for the link!
  8. BunnywhoSmokes

    BunnywhoSmokes Registered+

    I tried this recipe and it's pretty damn good (with or without the hash.) Of course, I tried to recipe with hash. I think I may have messed up a bit (I used a bit too much butter, but I balanced it out by added a tad more brownie mix). If you have 2-3 brownies you'll get a nice high going (not fucked up, but keeps the high going.) My buddy is coming over today to try my brownies.
  9. sportbopper

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    I have a good brownie recipe that I use every year around 'harvest' time:

    One ounce of "sugar leaves" and shake from buds
    (2) 1/4 lb sticks of unsalted butter

    Melt sticks of butter in double boiler, add cannabis and cook for 20 minutes.
    Pour butter-herb mixture out of double boiler into (2-3 cups) boiling water, reduce to simmer. Simmer on low for another 1 hour and 40 minutes. Stirring occasionally.
    Take off heat immediately strain butter-herb-water mixture to another container. Allow liquid to come to room temperature. Put mixture in refridgerator to cool completely. When butter has completely hardened (about 4-6 hours) remove the top layer from the nasty water, throw the water away. Rinse the green-butter wafer with water and break into smaller pieces, put in a container for later use. Keep in fridge...

    (1) Package of Betty Crocker Hershey Walnet Supreme Brownie Mix
    1/2 Cup of melted green butter
    (2) Eggs
    (3) Tbsp Water

    Microwave the butter for 20 seconds to melt it only. Subsitute the oil in the brownie recipe for the special butter you prepared... Make sure you use as much melted green-butter as the recipe calls for oil.

    Mix all ingredients thoroughly and pour into greased 8x8 glass pan.
    Bake at 325 for 55 minutes

    Plus, you should have enough butter left to fry up some green eggs and ham!
  10. MissDaMeaner

    MissDaMeaner Registered+

    Easy Does it!!!

    Just look on the box!

    Substitute the butter or oil for your special blend!!

    Surprising how baked 1 TBL can get ya!!!

    Lots of recipes for the butter of oil here GREAT SITE !!!

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  11. whipitgood

    whipitgood Registered

    That's a few great recipes... I've had a few nights in wonderland for the one on applesoft.

    I recommend getting some kind of fun concoction to help reduce the foul after-taste.. i've found whipped cream makes a great topping.. and if you're using a charger or canister to top it with... who knows what else you can do with whipped cream chargers :p
  12. maxsuperdanks

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    Eff that noise. Don't recommend shit like that here, it'll get you in trouble.
  13. Lukeyseeds

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    Wow this is wild I buy a personal half ounce and already im looking at throwing 5ginos into brownies but if the batch makes 32 even if i can sell 20 brownies at 5bucks a piece But christ its 11:20 i got school tommorow but i think im stayin up all night and makin some fucking brownies
  14. VapedG13

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    I trade brownies for guitar lessons:D

    use a brownie mix that uses vegetable oil

    I get 4 gs Skunk make sure its dry crumbly

    Pulp strainer

    2 cubes of butter


    Melt the butter add the herb ..... the herb should be so dry it crumbles between your fingers as you add it to the melted butter.

    Simmer the cannabuuter for 20-25 mins (low boil)

    while the butter is simmering premix the brownie mix, we will be replacing the 1/3 cup vegetable oil by adding 1/2 cup cannabutter in its place.

    after simmering for 20-25 mins pour the cannabutter into the pulp strainer with a measuring cup under it to catch the butter ( we want a half 1/2 cup) mash the weed/butter mix with a spoon to get all the buuter out.....Now add the hot canabutter to the brownie mix and mix it up

    Bake at 325 for 30 mins..........enjoy
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  15. ruvard

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    is that applesoft recipe really legit? its hard to imagine 5g can get 32 people high? None of my buddies believe this. i have 4g of haze, u think i can yield about 10 niice brownies using the oil extraction method? can anyone whose tried the applesoft recipe comment on it.

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