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  1. toolshed

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    what is honey oil made out of?
    are honey oil/hash oil the same thing?

    is honey oil made out of hash or marijuana?

    is marijuana and hash the same?

    if theres any missing info, can you please fill me in?

  2. Coelho

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    Honey oil and hash oil are made soaking cannabis (or anything else that contain THC, like hashish, kief, shake, stems, etc) in an appropriate solvent (usually butane, alcohol or acetone), then separating the solvent, evaporating it and collecting the resin that remains, that is the hash/honey oil.
    Honey oil has this name because its color resembles honey. Usually its a purer form of the usual brown/dark brown/black hash oil. But they are the same thing.
    And honey/hash oil isnt exactly marijuana, but it has pretty much the same effects (usually more intense), as its just a purer form of it.
  3. Greenthing

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    Ditto what Coelho says.
    If you intend to make honey oil be very carefull when using Gas or any flammable products.
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  4. toolshed

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    so, if someone asked if i have done hash or hash oil

    would i say--"yes, i have done hash oil" ?

    so because hash is a form of marijuana- wouldnt you have to put the solvent on hash to make hash oil?

    and put solvent on just reg weed to make honey oil?
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  6. bririr

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    1. I couldn't tell you what to say to anyone who asked you because i don't know what you have smoked.
    2. Hash oil and honey oil are the same thing basically apart from colour (as coelho said)

    Hope that helps in some way.
  7. AbrandnewL

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    If you are that curious, look at Coelho's hash oil recipe, its great:thumbsup:.
    Although i prefer using the butane method, its still very informative. I think you should take a trip to the Medical Marijuana Methods forum:D

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