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  1. ThePinkJina

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    Hey all I just made some hash oil. I never realized how easy it is.

    Butane extract. Here's a few pics. Entire process took about a hour.

    Requires a 12" piece of 1 1/2" diameter PVC.
    1 End cap,
    2 coffee filters or 1 doubled up.
    7/64 drill bit.
    3 or 4 cans of 5x filtered butane,
    2 glass casserole dishes, 1, 13x9 and 1, 8x6.
    1 Butane torch (used to easily remove (melt) hash oil from dishes and utensils.)
    And of course for this size PVC, you will need about 2oz dried, ground trim or bud. As crystally as possible.

    Drill a hole in the center of the end cap, this will be where you insert the nozzle of the butane. Place the filter on the end of the tube and use tape or a rubber-band to secure the filter to the PVC. Spoon the ground trim into the tube. DO NOT pack it. Place the end cap on the open end, securely. Place the smaller dish into the larger dish and fill the larger dish with HOT water, NOT boiling. Following the directions on the back of the butane can, shake for 25 seconds. Over the smaller cooking dish, insert the butane nozzle pointing downward into the hole and compress the nozzle until the entire can is empty, repeat these steps for the following cans of butane. As you start to see the butane drain it will start an immediate reaction, it'll start bubbling. After all bottles are empty replace the water again with HOT water. After about 10 mins it'll stop bubbling and look like a nasty bubbly sticky mess.
    2012-04-10 14.57.37.jpg

    On low heat, place the dish on the stove at slight angle so oil drains to one side of dish and continue to reduce hash oil for 7 mins. If it starts smokin reduce the heat. After 7 mins place dish into the freezer for 15 mins. Remove from freezer and boil it 1 more time on low heat for 5 to 7 mins. After boiling is complete you will need a container to put the sticky mess into.

    I came out with 5 grams of sticky hash oil.
    2012-04-10 15.38.33.jpg
  2. killfrenzi

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    Sounds like a 5th grade science project gone well. How did teacher grade it. Id say you got an "A".

    Awesome Job!
  3. Weezard

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    Did you weigh the trim before you processed it?
    I'm curious to know how the yield stacks up against other solvents.

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  4. ThePinkJina

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    Before I processed it, it was 2.6 oz, after processed and ground it was 2.4 oz.

    This was my first time trying it. I haven't even looked into any other processes. But I think I will.
  5. Weezard

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    So, about 71 grams left you with 5 grams.
    About 7%.

    Unless the "trim" was less than frosty. I'll stick to Iso and bubble.
    Starting with frosty bud, they can yield up to 12%.

    Butane is way too dangerous for that low a yield.

    Mahalo for saving me the time, risk, and expense.

  6. mathematics1900

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    Lol, really? You can't think of any reason iso and bubble might have a higher percentage of yield off the same weight of trim? Think about it, because if you don't understand why people use butane, then yeah, you should just stick to iso and bubble because you'll probably kill yourself.
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    MJACTIVIST Registered+

    OK, before anyone thinks this is a good idea to copy, I need to set some stuff straight here.

    PVC is one of the last material your extraction tube should be made out of. Here's a helpful website-
    Chemical Compatibility Database from Cole-Parmer

    As u can see on this link, with PVC as the Material and Butane as the Chemical. U can see the chemical compatibility of the two. They come out as-
    And that means
    Look at stainless steel with butane, it comes out as-
    Its much easier to buy a stainless steel tube at lowes, then worry about the loss of strength or the stripping of plastic out of your PVC extraction tube. Much, much safer!!!

    Stainless Steel or Glass
    Hope this helps
  8. Graywolf

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    Looks like a fun experiment, but good point on the PVC! Not a good choice of material for use with n-butane.
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  9. Graywolf

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    We have gotten over 27% raw BHO oleoresin (25.2% BHOAA) from an outdoor plant using butane and average about 22.5% Absolute Amber from the indoor strains that we grow. The most I ever got using QWET was 21.6%, but close enough to be strain specific.

    Either process will take all that is there, if the parameters are adjusted. The parameters are easier to adjust with a non polar solvent like butane or hexane, than polar solvents like alcohol, which tend to pick up undesirables, in addition to the targeted terpenes.
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  10. KennewickMan

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    I've found a piece of 1 1/2" stainless steel pipe, sch 20...12" long, with stainless and coffee filters on one end works very well for this application. Use a #7 rubber bung, drilled to fit a 7/64" piece of tubing that the butane adapter goes in for the top end.
    I'm doing some work trying to re-extract the active compounds from the waxes/budder to try and make a less expansive potent concentrate. I do this in a separatory funnel, takes multiple washes to get the compounds out and the solvent to come out clear. Lots of waxes remain. The remaining solution is a dark red color (indica was used), that is being reduced to pure oil. I'm curious if any members here have tried this.

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