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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by cash562, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. cash562

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    Hey, does anybody know how to make hash skin? Or a link to a tutorial somewhere? thanks!

  2. DRybes

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    You can take an existing rolling paper or wrap and coat or soak one or both sides in hash oil/honey oil, but actually making a wrap from pure hash? All I can say is, if you tried using real hash to do that, it wouldn't burn right, it wouldn't hold up to its own weight, and it would melt into a gooey mess that dripped hot hash onto your lap. If you're bent on it, hash is malleable, hammer it down really thin and cut a piece, but I *really* don't think this is realistic other than for show purposes. Even if you can do it it wouldn't smoke like a paper.

    Or were you in fact talking about coating a paper with hash oil? Which is not quite hash but more of a sticky, half-ass extracted THC-rich product...
  3. cash562

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    No no no, real hash for the paper. i found it impossible at first but i watched the video and it does work. check it out, its in the videos section of this site. on the second page. the guy says you can only use medium grade hash because that doesnt melt and goo as much as good grade pure hash. check it out, its cool:thumbsup:
  4. DRybes

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    Whoa... really?

    I can't seem to find the video section, can you give me a link?

    Also isn't a video a good tutorial :p
  5. cash562

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  6. Nightrafe

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    you need to use buble hash, not too hard but hash which is pliable
  7. bumclot

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    Ha, I've always gone straight to the forums. I'm gonna have to start checking out some of those videos.
  8. DRybes

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    Damn that video's awesome.

    For making the paper I would *think* you would take your chunk of hash and warm it in your hands or perhaps by setting it on a warm surface, so it becomes malleable, then place it between two sheets of waxed paper (next to the cling wrap in the store). use books to press it flat and just be patient and you should be able to flatten it enough to work with. I'd want someone to verify that that is a good idea before i'd try it though because I'm not 100% sure what hash will and won't stick to.
  9. WaZ

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    Nice. :thumbsup:

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