Hash V.S. Weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by CanaBliss, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. CanaBliss

    CanaBliss Registered+

    What are the main differences between weed and hash?? Which one gets you higher? Price differences?
  2. Kid Dynamite

    Kid Dynamite Registered+

    you you mean bud when you say weed or actual leaves?
  3. BUZz UK

    BUZz UK Registered+

    i take it he means bud. you can't smoke the leaves, they don't do shit. well, hash is a block of resin and weed is green and smelly, lol. there is shit hash (soapbar) and good hash. good hash is usually softer, but it depends on the kind. i find that weed gets me higher, but it probably depends. weed is cheaper than good hash and more expensive than soapbar.
  4. Chongzbongz

    Chongzbongz Registered+

    haha... i had an experience with soapbar before... tasted bad but i caught a buzz ;)
  5. CanaBliss

    CanaBliss Registered+

    Yeah I meant to say bud
  6. OzzyOz

    OzzyOz Registered+

    theres different types of hash from the bad ( soapbar ) to the best ( bubblehash)

    the better hashes cost more than strains like whitewidow, because you need less to get you high. But hash is VERY VERY strong and i suggest using a waterpipe. But with bud, just roll it into a J and everything will be chill :) You can with hash, but damn.. it's strong... or maybe it's just me being a pussy ;)
  7. well did you expect hash to be weak if it's made with tricombes (or however you spell it) lol
  8. juggalo420

    juggalo420 Registered+

  9. LeMuR

    LeMuR Registered+

    erm, personally i'd say weed is miles better because i rarely get it.
    Hash is pretty much all i get here because good weed is rare and the deals here suck.
    plus when smoking hash u always hafta put tobacco in a joint with it, im not a big fan of baccie or cancer...
    weed is the way to go!
  10. robert42

    robert42 Registered+

    ok i hope this makes sense:

    the people who live in the ares where they can onyl get solids love weed

    and the pople who live in a area where they only get skunk LOVE SKUNK but... want somit else so they want a bit of solid.


    THERE BOTH GOOD. I like addin a bit of baccy and gram of skunk and a bit of hash whenever i rarely get it.
  11. IntrepidS

    IntrepidS Registered+

    Ok I'm going to say this now. Only buy hash as a weed enhancer. In other words only buy it if you're also buying chronic and are looking to mix the two. Mixing will result in some of the best smoking experiences ever. The taste and high and satisfaction you get are great.

    But DON'T buy hash and expect it to get you higher. HAsh may be higher in THC concentration but you don't smoke a lot of it, -- don't forget that.

    So yea, if it's one or the other I say just stick with the buds.
  12. sugarmagnolia

    sugarmagnolia Registered+

    I have only smoked hash once, and it was light brown and finely ground up into a powder. cost more than bud, but was basically not as good as the mega-skunk I'm getting lately. Hash is great, never tried the solid the UKers talk about around here. the thing about bud is that it varies so much that u can get schwagg and the shit. though I've never heard of bad hash around here. I wouldn't mind getting me some hash, though it is very rare in my part of Illinois.
  13. Ground Zero

    Ground Zero Registered+

    hash is very cheap where i live, i can get 1oz for £40 and 2oz for £60. I like it more than skunk cos it does the same thing. but for longwe
  14. Hektik

    Hektik Registered+

    Everyonce and awhile i like to spend extra skrilla on some kickass Hash. Hash is good for ya, puts hair on ur chest :p
  15. MrLzyBones

    MrLzyBones Registered+

    I just got some Blue Velvet Bubble Hash that was $35 a gram and it was sweet I took two good hits and was confused to say the least....lol. Thats from the Cannabis Club in Oakland they had about 5-6 different kinds I also got some Hash Oil Pills for $25 oh btw that was for five of them.

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