Hash vs. Keif vs. Pot -- THE DEBATE!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by wordddddd, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. wordddddd

    wordddddd Registered+

    So I got into this argument with my friend....see if you can help us settle it...

    1) What's stronger weed or hash? (I said hash, he said weed)

    2) Is hash just pressed keif or is there more to it? What's keif thats been put under pressure into solid looking "blocks" called then if its not hash?

  2. wordddddd

    wordddddd Registered+

    no...kief is the collection of crystals on the weed...you get a TON of the crystals together and press it in a pollen press and smoke that. but i wanna know what the difference is between that and hash. and which ones more potent
  3. lagstronaut

    lagstronaut Registered+

    Hash is stronger than weed, but I enjoy weed more
  4. graph

    graph Registered+

    You pretty much just explained the difference. I've only smoked 00 hash, which had me on the floor. Bud is easier to smoke, and a bowl packed with keef over it will fuck you up right. I'd rather have a bowl of weed with keef over it than hash. But hey, I'm American.
  5. ChronicMike

    ChronicMike Registered+

  6. m.g.

    m.g. Banned

    kif and hash are pretty much the same thing. the only difference is kif is unpressed trichomes while hash is pressed. kif is usually made for those who add it to their buds...
  7. upinsmokeuk

    upinsmokeuk Registered+

    give me bud any day,i think hash is a more deeper longer stoned feeling were weed hits you fast but dosnt last as long,you soon wanna hit anotha bud,were as a joint of hash is enough for me for a few hours.
  8. BloodAngel

    BloodAngel Registered+

    I've only smoked kief over weed. It wasn't really noticeable...

    I've smoked hash both on a bowl of weed and on it's own...
    It definitely is stronger on it's own, but it's really harsh. There was like 8 of us in the room just coughing non-stop and passing the bubbler around
  9. graph

    graph Registered+

    Then I guess someone didn't put enough keef.

    When I smoke keef, it's a rush to the head. It makes you stoned fast and keeps you there.
  10. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    1) It all depends. Hash could be made from a lower grade trim, while some strains of weed, could be more potent than lower grade hash, so it's on both sides. Properly made hash, should blow any herb out of the water, but it all depends on the person.

    2) Yes, hash is just pressed Kif. Some people use heat and pressure to make hash. Doing this method creates a darker, browner hash.

    When I make hash, I use just pressure, and no heat. Doing this, and you get a blonde colored hash.

    The greenish colored hash usually happens when too much leaf matter falls through with the Kif.

    Kif has to be compressed in order to make hash. That's all hash is, is compressed Kif.
  11. shoi

    shoi Registered+

    it will take less hash to get u stoned
  12. t3chyo

    t3chyo Registered+

    if you want to know which one is stronger,(hash/bud), you should be comparing the hash made from the same buds you're comparing it to...kief is the stuff your smoking on the bud so thats not comparable! Hash on the other hand, never made any, but I do know they go for the head stalks of the trichomes to make it the best. All in all hash is just a more convientent way to get fucked up!
  13. wordddddd

    wordddddd Registered+

    thank you dudes. very well put and it answered the question. shows that my friend was wrong and i was right...what else is new hahaha
  14. bhouncy

    bhouncy Registered+

    in the old days (damn showing my age) hash was all we got and it got us very stoned. Weed is a different stone.. usually a lot higher with those different cannabinoids. My rule is if it gets you stoned it's good shit!:Rasta:
  15. budsmoker

    budsmoker Registered+

    how do u make kief?
  16. radical edward

    radical edward Registered+

    With a grinder that has a tiny screen to seperate the kief, or in a box that has the same.
  17. Captain Hanks

    Captain Hanks Registered+

    weed is the lowest of the quality, then kief, then hash, and hash oil is the best
  18. 420mory

    420mory Registered+

    isolator hash is made with the dutch version of 'bubble bags'... generally it's made with dutch pot (trimmings) which means that it usually ends up being far more potent than imported hash. but of course, potency isn't everything. and nothing is nicer than a fine handmade hash from Nepal or Morocco or Lebanon or India...

    but of course foreign hash has such a range of quality, it's hard to know what you're getting until you smoke it. usually isolator hash, when bought from reliable sources, will be priced according to it's quality. only the most intense bubble hash will sell for around 50/60$US a gram in here... usually it's about 12-30.
  19. 420purplehaze420

    420purplehaze420 Registered+

    ok keif is the most POTENT part of the weed, then hash, then weed

    which makes sense because hash is just the good stuff out of the weed no matter what type of plant matter is used

    and when you press keif into a block of hash that is the best, but alot of hash has plant matter in it making it dark brown or greenish, but it is still better then the weed it was made from, the best hash is a sand colour, blonde even

    i love doing gravity bong tokes with some weed in the bottom of the bowl and keif in the middle then grinded bud on top, you get so high....
  20. Thehulkster321

    Thehulkster321 Registered+

    I like weed better but hash is awsome every once in a while. Its like a special treat that you get sick of if you do it to much.

    Hash- strongest ... I only consider bubble hash to be true hash anything else is keif

    Keif- Poor Quality Hash but still stronger then weed

    Weed- most enjoyable but least potent in terms of THC percent.

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