have you failed after 30+ days weed free?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by halfassedjedi, May 25, 2009.

  1. halfassedjedi

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    Im just curious if anyone here has failed after abstaining from marijuana use for 30+ days. It seems unlikely, but apparently there is sparse data implying that it can be detected well beyond 30 days.

    Im just curious, as I havnt heard many cases of either chronic or sporadic users failing a test after 30 days of 'staying clean'.

    Please note, this is not a 'will I pass if I havnt smoked in over 30 days' thread. Just a questionnaire if you will.
  2. wjohns13

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    You should read my post How long did it take you to clean out naturally. For me it took 60 days until my urine was clean. I tested positive at day 35, 42, and on day 52 got my first faint line. I am a chronic user, I smoke multiple times a day and have for over 15 years. On day 60 I tested my first piss of the morning and had a line as dark as the control line. So 30 days is some bull for a chronic user, unless you are skinny and have no body fat, and work out all the time.
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  3. halfassedjedi

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    yeah, i did read that post. i actually replied to it haha. im actually somewhat suprised, as its stipulated that chronic users metabolize it out of their systems quicker than infrequent users.

    by "a line as dark as the control line" do you mean you totally failed at day 60? I have never tested myself, so I dont know what that really means.

    Are you everything opposite of what you just described? by that I mean, are you not skinny, with lots of body fat, and never work out?
  4. wjohns13

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    A second line in the test region means a negative result, no line in the test region means a positive result. My test line was as dark as the control line, thereby confirming that I am negative. On day 52 my result was a light line in the test region although it was really faint. I am female 5'8 204 lbs, not fat but built, I work out 3-4 times a week doing mostly cardio, and I sit in a steam room after every workout.

    When I say chronic user I am talking about smoking everyday, multiple times a day since I was 19 I am now 35. I take a multi-vitamin and try and drink plenty of water. I needed to be clean for a position in a hospital so because I had the time I decided to clean naturally instead of diluting. By using my first urine of the day which as we all know is the most concentrated I knew that if I tested negative I would be clean, and thereby I did that on day 60 having worked out the night before just to see if addtional metabolites would be released into my urine.

    Needless to say I am clean now, and I plan on putting up a few ounces of clean urine in my freezer in case I need it in the future. I take my pre-employment test on May 27th, which will give me a total of 70 days clean and I cannot wait to come home and light a fatty
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  5. halfassedjedi

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    I believe I havnt smoked for about 40+ days. Im only 23, 6'0 175 lbs. I dont work out at all because ever since I tore the ligament in my left foot just walking is excruciating. Im afraid to go to the doctor for it because I have a feeling they will just say its arthritis and give me some prescription that would ruin any chance of passing any test for any job.

    But yeah, im very curious as to people failing tests after 30+ days of abstaining from marijuana use. To me it seems like a small percent of people fail after so long, but I cant know for sure unless I get some numbers to crunch.

    Im weird like this, im a Sociology major so I like to do little weird studies on groups of people. Even though this sort of data can be completely falsified, I am very bored and am finally out of school for the summer. Thats sort of why I quit smoking weed approximately a month and a half ago, so I could get off unemployment and get a job. Financial aid is definitely not enough for tuition and books and other various ridiculous fees.
  6. FakeBoobsRule

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    HAJ, is that what you're trying to do, save up some urine since you may be clean?

    I read your post about not smoking because of the job hunt.

    I know you said you were broke but you should try to round up $3-4 and buy a test kit online for cheap. Search for it or go to ebay.

    If you're worried about getting a prescription and failing your drug test, that's why it's a prescription. Medical marijuana recommendations or scripts aside, if you test positive for something you have a prescription for it's not a failure. If you are storing up urine, if the doctor gives you a control script, store clean urine without this in your system because the script will have to be in date.

    Roughly I might say 15-40% of people take longer than 30 days.
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  7. wjohns13

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    Well your young and probably have a faster metabolism than I do, and perhaps you didn't smoke as much as I did, but get some tests and check yoiurself to see where you are. I would be curious to know. I read this one post by a guy who said he was still testing dirty after 100 days, but he was smoking an ounce a week. I probably smoke around a quarter a week

    That is why I wrote the posts, because I'm curious as to some real life stories and not just about this 30 days that people are convinced is the truth. I know that at 35 days I was dirt and very disappointed because I thought I would be clean, but I wasn't didn't even get a faint line. LOL Oh well such is life now I know how long it takes me to clean out, and if you get a test and check yourself you will have an idea as too how long it will take you to clean out.
  8. halfassedjedi

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    sir I have no idea what you mean by saving up urine haha.

    I suppose I could try to get a medical mj recommendation/prescription, but thats not the type of RX medicine i meant. I was just trying to be discrete since I try to follow the rules nowadays.

    ps what is a control script?
  9. halfassedjedi

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    I would definitely buy a test for myself but unfortunately all my unemployment benefits go to my car payment and gas to get to school.

    As far as smoking frequency, id have to guess that I smoked about an eighth to a quarter a week, but thats a hefty approximation, as I have no idea.

    but this isnt really about me, id like to hear other peoples input. I should stop rambling about myself.
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  10. FakeBoobsRule

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    Nothing says "I've never read any of FBR's posts" more than saying that you don't know what I mean by storing up your urine. Have you never seen me recommend substitution to pass a drug test and that clean urine can be stored for a year in the freezer, maybe longer? Seriously, you've never seen me or anyone else talk about this? It's my claim to fame dude.

    Next, let me make this clear. A medical marijuana prescription or recommendation does not allow you to test positive for THC on a drug test. I don't know of any MMJ state where the employer has to excuse a positive THC result with a medical marijuana prescription. Let's be clear on this for you and anyone else who reads this thread.

    Next, let me make this clear. A medical marijuana prescription or recommendation does not allow you to test positive for THC on a drug test. I don't know of any MMJ state where the employer has to excuse a positive THC result with a medical marijuana prescription. Let's be clear on this for you and anyone else who reads this thread.

    Yes, I posted that twice.

    Next, let's go back to the doctor and your foot. Did you not say:
    Are you referring to narcotic pain killers? Those would fall under the category of control prescriptions: pain killers, anti anxiety medicine, medicine for ADD, weight loss, anabolic steroids, and some sleep medicine. If you have a legitimate in date prescription from a doctor, testing positive for one would not be a failure. The MRO would call you, you tell him you have a prescription, he calls the prescribing doctor and verifies it.

    If you are not talking about a narcotic but maybe a NSAID such as naproxen, celebrex, ibuprofen, etc these will not affect your test at all. Google NSAID if you need to.


    If you are referring to playing by the rules, so far this thread is fine. Talking about how a narcotic prescription might affect you drug test is allowed. See how we aren't even mentioning other drugs by name but as narcotic, that's really following the rules.

    Yeah, I temporarily closed the thread because I wanted to respond before others to clear up the MMJ confusion or possible confusion.
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  11. halfassedjedi

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    this is in reference to my 30+ days of mj abstinence post

    since the thread is closed and fakebooksrule is still talking to me through that thread, i will respond to him here.

    yes, i was referring to playing by the rules because i did not want to name any narcotics, this is why i said what i said. but still, if the thread is fine, why is it closed?

    this is all im curious about.

    also, i know what a script is, i just didnt know the 'control' part of what you said. i know what nsaids are too. ive just never heard the term 'control script'.

    also, no i havnt really read your threads on subbing. i dont make habit out of reading peoples threads unless im posting on the thread, otherwise thats kind of like strange lurking imo.

    edit..disregard this whole thread, you just said why the thread was temp. closed. thanks!
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  12. halfassedjedi

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    I love how this thread has almost 200 views yet no one will give me any raw data to work with.

    just say yes or no people cmon!
  13. monmon4

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    Smoked everyday for 6 months, passed after 2 weeks of being clean
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    INEEDAJOB1 Registered

    30 days my a$$

    i have been clean since dec 1st 2010, i have taken 4 or 5 first check at home drug tests and still positive for THC, just took one yesterday JAN 19th 2011, failed it also, I have a job lined up thru family friend and I didn't drink too much water till i kept failing my test and then i read water does nothing, im 5'5 206 lbs and unfortunately never work out. I was a religious smoker for 5 years now everyday but i am a light weight and conserver, meaning i cld get high off two hitters every two hours or more i guess and prolly make an 8th last a month but obviously SIZE matters in my case cuz im still failing, i just read sumone took 93 days to get clean even 100 days and that just freaked me out cuz the tests cost 13$ at walmart and im sick of buying them infront of everyone and forking out the money when i just fail them, i refuse to work at mcdonalds and this is the worst most rediculous cleanin process , never had to take a drug test but i know i will at this job i may get, and i never thought it would take SO LONG, so for anyone who wants to know THATS MY STORY , and if i remember i will update when i do PEE CLEAN, if i EVER DO UGHHHH
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  15. Microwave

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    About 4 years ago I had to take a piss test. I abstained from weed for 2 months and got the job (glad I had a 2 month heads up!). I'm a 5'8" 145lb. male who is an everyday jogger and doesn't eat much.

    I suffer from nausea, so it was really tough to abstain for 2 months. I'm still with the same employer, toke 2x/week or whenever my nausea acts up (3 puffs will quell the nausea), and haven't been piss-tested since I started working at this company 4 years ago. Been promoted 2x also. :thumbsup:
  16. munki69

    munki69 Registered

    Still testing dirty at 57 days

    Have a pic of the test stick showing that I'm still dirty after 8 weeks clean, but I can't figure out how to add pics here. Really hope I test clean soon, checking weekly. Random testing is now performed at my job and the next round should be approaching...

    Had been essentially a daily smoker for several years but only a couple of hits a night. They were often bong hits and I could hold them well. Also, would smoke maybe 5 - 6 times per day on the weekends, but I probably only went through about 10 grams a month.

    This has got to be the worst part about Cannabis use ... well second if you count it being illegal in the first place!
  17. 420_24-7

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    39th day clean, I failed

    I did fail after 39 days clean and was shocked! I was a daily pot smoker, multiple times a day up until 6 weeks ago. I heard it has alot to do with how often you smoked, your weight, metabolism, and how active you are. I've always thought after 30 days I could pass, but I took home drug test and failed on day 39. I also used my first morning urine, and they say that is the worst sample to use if ur trying to pass. I am not too active and overweight, that also isn't good. I smoked about 5 oz a month when I was smoking, which I know is an awful lot! I'm 5ft 5 and female, barely over 200 lbs. I've been reading up on it via the internet and found that you could pass a test one day and fail the next even without smoking, that's concerning to me because once I was able to pee clean, I wanted to store some clean urine in my freezer, so I could finally get a good night's sleep. I miss smoking, but I'm determined to get clean! Quitting has been hard for me since it's hard to sleep, but I've lost a few lbs because nothing tastes good to me anymore, so that's a plus, and I've saved some money for sure! I have an interview soon, which may end up with another drug test, I sure hope I'll pass because I need the job! If you try the excessive water, be sure to take vitamin b-2 so ur urine won't look too diluted, labs consider that suspect and test for a lower level. Good luck to anyone testing!
  18. Burnt Toast

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    This is false. Samples that are determined to be diluted (due to low creatinine and specific gravity) will still undergo the same 50 ng Immunoassay for the initial screen as it would if the sample wasnt determined to be diluted. Only samples that have tested "non-negative" for a drug panel(s) on the I/A screen will undergo a confirmation GC/MS test with a lower (numerically) cutoff level.

    And dont let the differing cutoff levels worry you. Although their cutoffs numerically differ, a 50 ng Immunoassay is functionally equivalent to the 15 ng GC/MS. Their cutoffs differ numerically because the I/A screen recognizes all 31 metabolite concentrations combined, while the GC/MS recognizes only one metabolite concentration.

    THC enters the body in its ingested form and exits the body as 31 different metabolite concentrations. The most prevalent form of these concentrations is THC-COOH.

    In order to pass the I/A screen the whole combination of the 31 metabolite concentrations must register below 50 ng/ml.

    In order to test negative on the GC/MS, only one metabolite concentration (THC-COOH) must register below 15 ng/ml. For the reason that only one metabolite concentration is recognized, the GC/MS has to be set at a numerically lower cutoff level to make the two types of tests functionally equivalent.
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  19. 420_24-7

    420_24-7 Registered

    It's me again

    When I failed on day 39, I was supposed to mail my urine sample right away, but since the post office was closed early on Sat, I decided to wait til Monday. I went ahead & mailed Monday's morning urine instead of the one I took on Sat, because I'm really trying to figure out when I'm clean. Monday's urine was day 42 of abstinence, not even been near anyone smoking. I just got my confirmed positive today with a level measured of 222. Lab says anything over 15 is a fail, I don't know if my 222 is a high level or not. I was surprised to fail on day 39 & now on day 41. I have a test coming very soon, can anyone tell me if that is a low number or if it sounds like it still may be awhile before I'm clean? Alot of people don't believe it should take me so long, hubby even thinks I may still be smoking, but I swear I haven't smoked since May 10th, and my last test was June 21st which is 5 weeks and 6 days of complete abstinence. I am 40 year old female 5 ft 5 in & 205 lbs, not active because of health problems. I'm desperate to pass but don't know anyone clean so I'm needing to get clean quick. After failing Saturday I drank alot of water over the weekend, still urine was dirty on Monday. Any EDUCATED guess of when I I may pee clean? Desperate to pass test, my sis n law won't let me see my two nieces if I pee dirty for a job where she works, she'll know if I fail because she works in human resources and knows that my employment is contingent upon passing. I love my nieces to death & need them in my life, because of health issues I cannot have any children, these girls are my life! I was also a daily user, multiple times a day because of pain. Please any suggestions!!!
  20. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

    There is no telling because each persons body is different and there are too many variables to take into account to even arrive at an educated guess. Only periodic home testing (using the first urination of the day) can give you that answer.

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