have you failed after 30+ days weed free?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by halfassedjedi, May 25, 2009.

  1. Rogelioalvarez

    Rogelioalvarez Registered

    Yes its been 90 days for me and still failing
  2. fatpuppy

    fatpuppy Registered

    This is killing me reading these posts, i have never stressed so much over this issue. After smoking heavily for probably 4 yrs, i managed to get the faintest line and pass a test after 11 days back in 2008, granted, i had grown it myself, nice bush weed. In my breaks from work, usually 3 days is all i need if i have a day or 2 smoking. My worst ever was 14 days after heavily smoking for 3months........until now. I went on history and gave myself 14 days to get clean, as it turned out i'm at 22 days and have just scored a job, they want me to drug test asap, thankfully interstate and i am dragging the chain because i am still POSITIVE! The weed i have smoked for the past 2 months in southern thailand had to have been the worst weed we have ever smoked and therefore required SOOOO much just to get a hit, i have never smoked so much in my life to mostly not feel stoned. I tapered off smoking as i was bored with it towards the end, probably a fortnight before i quit but i have been 100% free for 22 days. I lost a bit of weight in Thailand before returning home, im down to 58kg, approx 127lbs i think, and am 5'6, healthy weight on a BMI but leaning towards underweight. I spoke to my GP about it yesterday and he is so awesome he said i shouldnt have smoked. I know it is stored in fat cells and im wondering if by having lost weight, am i secreting more? If i try and cake some weight on before 19th sept........grasping at straws here
  3. fatpuppy

    fatpuppy Registered

    PASSED! Day 25 with three days left until my official test. Now i just hope i dont throw a positive in the next few days, i have been told that can sporadically happen!
  4. Nugwreck

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    My UDS came up positive for thc after 11 weeks of abstinence. I can't believe it! I'm 5'10" 170lbs. Before I quit, I was smoking every day, multiple times. I didn't hydrate before hand and gave my first morning void. Just basic shit I didn't give a second thought to after that amount of time. I've passed after less than 30 days, but I was testing myself and drank plenty of water before. NEVER get complacent people. Don't ever assume you don't have to be hydrated and can test first thing in the morning. I passed home tests with flying colors after I gave my sample. The shit can stick around for a long time in small amounts and will get concentrated in your urine if you let it. I'm going to lose so much that I've worked for because of this, I don't feel comfortable talking about it. I just hope that saying this here will help prevent something like this from happening to someone else. Peace.
  5. mr_A

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    After months of DABs use I am still positive at 77 days, bummer as I want to on admin probation....and have to pea clean to do that
  6. mr_A

    mr_A Registered

    YUP 77 day and STILL counting...
  7. mr_A

    mr_A Registered

    Day 83 and finally negative - Bentonite Clay and a high protein diet helps ALOT as the clay actually EATS THC out your fat and the High Protein diet will burn FAT which is where THC is stored.

    Hope this helps someone - also grab urine mid stream and before you end and never first thing in AM
  8. NikkiBriar

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    @Burnt Toast, I haven't smoked in almost 2 years, except the last 2 weeks.. About 2 hits from a small pipe once a night. Im 5'2 150, active but carrying baby weight. I plan to stop today. Thoughts on likelihood of passing drug test in 3 months. ... Was a heavy smoker for 9 years prior to quitting for 2 years.
  9. Mtndogmom

    Mtndogmom Moderator

    Absolutely no problem passing the test.
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  10. Mtndogmom

    Mtndogmom Moderator

    I am 52. I have smoked since I was 16. You have to be a regular smoker for it to show up. A few hots won't stay in your system. Drink alot of water and cranberry juice.
  11. NikkiBriar

    NikkiBriar Registered

    Thanks for the reply. Im worried my junk in the trunk is holding on to my THC ghost from the past lol
  12. Mtndogmom

    Mtndogmom Moderator

    Won't happen...I promise you. Buy a t3s5 from the drug store just to be sure.
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  13. Noneya

    Noneya Registered

    What is a t3s5?
  14. ChiefFox

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    How many of you use a medical strand versus reggie
  15. PhazedMedica

    PhazedMedica Registered

    After 4 years of daily use it took me about 56 days to start testing negative with first void of the day. 5'9" 175 lbs. I did about 10 days of eating healthy with 30 mins of cardio each day, 5 day water fast to put my body in ketosis for about 3 days, and a 7 day detox while I was eating better. I picked up a lot of good eating habits while trying to get clean naturally and overall lost about 10 pounds. I've started eating junk food and drinking soda again but not nearly as much as I was before. I passed the e- cup instacheck 4 panel test on day 58 of being clean with one bottle of water And one monster drank a couple hours before test. Gave my 4th pee of the day because my test line was pretty faint in the morning. I must say it's a great feeling knowing that if I get randomly drug tested or have an accident at work I can pass. I really miss my bong but the paranoia and stress over these drug test has finally gotten the best of me. I rolled the dice for many years and got lucky but I guess it's time to become an alcoholic and beat my wife instead!!
  16. PhazedMedica

    PhazedMedica Registered

    Also I would like to thank these forums for opening my eyes to the fact that 30 days is definitely not home free for everybody. When I was planning to clean up I originally only gave myself 30 days. Wanted to smoke as long as I possibly could before coming back from FMLA. After reading these forms I gave myself 60 days and I barely made that time frame!
  17. ziggy2000

    ziggy2000 Registered

    I think I'm 117 days (+). Dropped today and really wasn't concerned until I out of curiosity got on google and ended up here. My worry is I didn't really drink water today; instead had coffee - also had a couple drinks last night. Urine looked horrible today in the cup. Like tea. I'm 6'1 260 and smoked sporadically each week. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but never like what "heavy" smokers are describing here. An 1/8th would last for probably a month - sometimes longer.

    It doesn't matter how I feel about it. I think it's fine. It may have been even longer by another 10 days or so for a possible total of 125 or 127 days. I didn't think to do a home test because it's been over 3 months. Hopefully 3 days will come and go and life will move forward.
  18. ziggy2000

    ziggy2000 Registered

    Results back today. I'm good. So relieved, but also thankful I found this forum. Good info - especially from burnt toast
  19. SurgTech91

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    I'm short and "thick" lol 5'4" and 200lbs. Activity level: light to moderate. I smoked heavily (all day every day) for about 4 months. Then I quit cold turkey. It took 60 days for my levels to fall below 50ng for a basic urinalysis. After 60 days, my levels were still around 45ng. I think this is because I smoked heavily for a period of time, and also my BMI is like 28 lol so my metabolism isn't the best.
  20. memyselfandii

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    Smoked everyday in college for 4 years, then quit for about 6. IT was the real good stuff right from the foothills of Himalayas!

    Anyways started about 7-8 months ago again, maybe about less than a gram per week, mid level nothing too fancy. Below average physical activity, all day sitting at a desk kind.

    Then quit for 3 weeks, and after that smoked 3 days in a row, not a lot, like sharing a joint with a couple of friends n all

    Checked myself with @Home kits after 1 week, not clean, then the faint line started to come after about 10 days ! tested every alternate day! line got thicker [ check my other thread for the pics]

    Finally did the pre-employment lab test @labcorp after 21 days of not smoking! Haven't received results from the lab yet, waiting on it. Will update if i passed!

    and yeah: i am 29 y.o, 5'7'', 165 pounds, drank a lot of water, cranberry juice, getorade, apple cider vinegar, green tea in the days leading upto the lab test

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