have you failed after 30+ days weed free?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by halfassedjedi, May 25, 2009.

  1. Bree McNeel

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    I've been a chronic user since I was 13, I'm now 25. I came across a awesome opportunity for me & my family which required me to pass a UA. I thought I could cheat the system with azo to sure-gel & even $100 in detox drinks, nothing was working so I decided to go old school & just stop completely. I'm coming up on my week 7 in a few days & my test are faintly negative which isn't good enough for me & this opportunity is coming up within the next few days, I'm 5'4 130lbs my BMI is average, I'm not really too active unless you count chasing after my kids all day & working 35hrs a week. I have a decent diet & drink nothing but water & Monster energy drinks.. like I said I'm running out of time and I need to know what I'm doing wrong or what else I can do someone please help me
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    This is spot on!
  3. memyselfandii

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    BTW i passed
  4. Bauwser

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    I am with anyone who can't pass after a month. I smoked heavy for over a year with the last 5 months or so being about an oz a week. I smoked wholesale mid and real nice stuff occasionally. Those last 5 months I have been unemployed and super lazy.. with a shit diet. I'm currently 5"10" about 190 lbs. Not a round fat ass, a good base of muscle, but a fat ass imo. I wil keep up with a better diet and increased water intake.

    Maybe the wrong thread, but is the risk of getting the temp wrong better than repeated dilution until I show clear on an at home stick? If the wrong thread, no answer is needed. Just giving an example of being in the same boat.
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    Hello! I'm taking my drug test tomorrow for my new job and I'm freaking out! Been clean since Jan 16th, so around 36 days now. I smoked for 2 years straight pretty much once a day, sharing 1-2 bowls with the hubby at night only before bed. I would say 1/4 every 2 weeks between both of us and my husband would smoke more than me. I bought a home test last week and passed it. No line visible at all. But I'm so nervous! It's a great opportunity for me and really need it. I'm 5"8 , 27yo, 158lb. Female. Sedentary pretty much I do drink plenty of water most of the time. What do you guys think?!!!!
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    We think you are confused.
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    Lol so I guess what I'm trying to ask is if I passed the home test I should be fine right????
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    Of course as long as it's a standard screen.
  9. owls13

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    Just a pre employment screening... first time doing this guys I'm so stressed out lol I went and bought another one because I could have sworn I saw only one line but my husband said there's was 2 and very visible so just did another one and two lines ! oh and just found out they do random testing at this job
  10. owls13

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    :(:(:( I guess no more smoking for me
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    That, or a different job.
    Your call. :D

    We understand, we all went a little sparrow on our first test.
    That's why you have a partner.
    That second opinion can save your butt. :)
  12. yiikkeezz

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    So last Wednesday i ate a small bite of an edible nd they called me in for a drug test this morning, its been 7 days but i am still freakin out, what do u think?
  13. Imtrying

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    let us know what happens we all need to learn.
  14. Imtrying

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    I just caught that last post about you eating an edible well unfortunately taking things through the mouth makes it last a lot longer
  15. ElChem0

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    5'3 29yr. 159lb.
    Been smoking for about 10yrs daily
    2 to 6x a day.
    first 5yrs low reggie México brick weed. next 5 yrs mids to top shelve.
    these last past months mid october2016 to January 29 2017(last day I toked right.before the hands struck 12)_ id been smoking Kurvana oil cartridges. thc levels of 65/75THC. good shit.past few months as I stated I went through aprox 6/7grams of Kurvana,oil with in between smoking mids/top shelve weed a joint here and there just because one misses the act of actually smoking than vape hits. so ive been sober 30 exact days. Im more than sure my system is still dirty after all the fkn oil. I will do @ home test in a few days and update.......

    side story I wouldn't be here now sharing if it.wasnt for my dumbass blowing to much into urine.cup at clinic and dropping the temp below 98 degrees.. ive always passed pre_employment drug.screens with substitution and keeping it warm.this time I Played myself the temp.marked 100 green dot on.temp.strip showing nice.and.dark...idk I overreacted and though maybe I should try dropping it down just a bit..big mistake.. handed sample over nurse looked at temp strip,so did I. the reading at 98 was barely visible a faint yellowish.greenish.dot.... she said.oh we will just do it again...I was like ok. knowingly I was out of clean urine..sit in waiting room your.not allowed to leave let me know.when your ready...sat there thinking what I was going to tell my boss I was getting rehired at shop I'd had quit 15months back. I had told him i was ready for drug test...I just told receptionist im not.ganna.be able to retest today I have to pick up my kids from school and its getting close let the nurse know.so I left.I was marked for " refusal to test" my boss he knew I smoked weed he smelled me for 4+yrs daily at,the shop hed make.fun saying you smell like a doobie....anyways called him up told him the truth.I,fucked up temp.he was like haha Ill set you up for.tomorrow again. he called back next,day said come in need give you the form to go again...BUT clinic said this.time its supervised.... I didnt go back how was I suppose to pass a supervised test trying to substitute.. so i have decided to get detoxed clean after 10yrs..I will do a few @ home test when those show clean I.will pay for a clinic test to,be sure....I rather be safe than burn my name at the shop for.being dirty with.drugs...... hopefully after I'm clean he will give me the chance to go again and rehire me.. if shit taking too long to leave my system, ill have.to cope and just apply at another shop and substitute urine sample again this.time not blowing in the fkn cup..i have a family and kids and cant.be unemployed so long been jobless 2months.havent applied anywhere else because I wanna work there... SORRY FOR THE RANT GUYS.....
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  16. Imtrying

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    Sorry for your anxiety , I feel you. I'm in the maritime industry and work 1 month on one month off and have to show up with no metabolites. Because of the temp strip I can't afford a fuckup or it is as good as a fail. Could t imagine what I would do if I lost my job, mortgage car payments, college for kids. I have to smoke 1 hitters the first week home lightly maybe for 1 week max than flush for 21 days. Usually I am clean after 9 -14 days on morning piss.
    If we can get the Feds to decriminalize across the board urine tests will be a thing of the past and oral swabs will be the norm. Oral swabs check for blood levels of THC.
    I have become politically active, we can't just sit back and let this Reagan era hysteria continue. EVERYONE MUST GET INVOLVED with changing the game.
  17. Michael Ciccone

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    I am 5'11 180 lb 22 yr old male. I was a chronic smoker since about 13 yrs old. Both herb and concentrates at a minimum of a gram a day. In my 20s it was around an oz a week. I am currently on Day 52 of complete abstinence from any form of THC. I have also spent $200+ on multiple detox programs(premium detox 14 & 7 day, miscellaneous headshop 5 day detoxes) all to no avail. I have drank water consistently and worked out kind of infrequently for the past 52 days. I am still testing positive with not even the faintest of lines. Any suggestions?
  18. Imtrying

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    Wow you must have slot of thc built up, maybe eat less and excersize harder, I heard that thc gets stored in the fat cells and no offense I tended but our brains are fatty. Avcvirdi g to my I do
    You should be passing clean by now but maybe when the study I was reading about it was I the days of regs or Schwagg
  19. ElChem0

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    update day 37 free of thc. I ordered a 15 pack of easy@home drug test off Amazon. 3/8/17 4pm shipment came in, straight to the pisser. took the test followed instructions. shows im,clean "Test" line. barely visible faint line. So what Im thinking is im.almost all the way,clean. ill take a few more test during.the week.until the test line.is clearly visible.. 1 1/2 more weeks then ill head to a clinic and pay,for a lab test.

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