have you failed after 30+ days weed free?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by halfassedjedi, May 25, 2009.

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    So, exactly how much does it cost to fix imaginary problems?

    I was ingesting an average dose of 750mg RSO daily for about 2 years.
    Then, I stopped for a month to see how the rest of the world was getting on.

    You nailed this clown Em.
    His web site reads like a phony boner-pill infomercial.

    Carry on,
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    I didn't mean to quote the last entry my apologies.

    I am 33yrs old, 5'0 approximately 155lbs, I am not very active at all. I was a chronic daily user for over 20 years. I have tried several times to quit with several relapses. I am on diversion felony probation and I am single mother. I can not risk going to jail nor do I want to. My last time using was for three straight days, Dec 2016. In Jan 2017 on the 17th I started a intensive outpatient program at Bradford Medical in Chattanooga, TN. They did weekly drug screens I tested positive for THC each time. However both counselors, and the doctor, knew I was being honest and staying clean. So I was able to coin out on March 9th 2017. While still failing for THC. In March and in April I failed for THC for probation. Now I have another drug test coming up this week for probation. He flat told me last month I will be arrested if I fail this month. He continues to accuse me of still smoking saying it is impossible to still be failing this long after quiting. However he really doesn't want to put me in jail for pot, but can't continue to let me go with a failed drug screening or else everyone he has would good by saying "I don't know why I am failing" I having drank so much water the past few months all info is piss clear, and unsure if the constant headaches are from my sudden lack of caffeine or water poisoning. (Which I just recently learned about and still skeptical about) And in April got lectured by my probation officer for supposedly diluting my urine (assuming that is from the water) I can afford all these "detox" drinks not would I won't to try that. A former smoke buddy tried it long time ago it turned his urine a funky color and he still failed. I refuse to use synthetic pee or someone else's, just because I don't want to be dishonest and knowing my luck I would be the one to get caught. I basically already know I am going to fail. I just saw him on the 20th of April, and have to report back May 3rd. I really can't afford to go to jail, and a violation will cost me my diversion. I need any educational advice, sites, etc that I can provide to him, about the estimated time it take to me after 20 years of chronic use.

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