have you failed after 30+ days weed free?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by halfassedjedi, May 25, 2009.

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    So, exactly how much does it cost to fix imaginary problems?

    I was ingesting an average dose of 750mg RSO daily for about 2 years.
    Then, I stopped for a month to see how the rest of the world was getting on.

    You nailed this clown Em.
    His web site reads like a phony boner-pill infomercial.

    Carry on,
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    I didn't mean to quote the last entry my apologies.

    I am 33yrs old, 5'0 approximately 155lbs, I am not very active at all. I was a chronic daily user for over 20 years. I have tried several times to quit with several relapses. I am on diversion felony probation and I am single mother. I can not risk going to jail nor do I want to. My last time using was for three straight days, Dec 2016. In Jan 2017 on the 17th I started a intensive outpatient program at Bradford Medical in Chattanooga, TN. They did weekly drug screens I tested positive for THC each time. However both counselors, and the doctor, knew I was being honest and staying clean. So I was able to coin out on March 9th 2017. While still failing for THC. In March and in April I failed for THC for probation. Now I have another drug test coming up this week for probation. He flat told me last month I will be arrested if I fail this month. He continues to accuse me of still smoking saying it is impossible to still be failing this long after quiting. However he really doesn't want to put me in jail for pot, but can't continue to let me go with a failed drug screening or else everyone he has would good by saying "I don't know why I am failing" I having drank so much water the past few months all info is piss clear, and unsure if the constant headaches are from my sudden lack of caffeine or water poisoning. (Which I just recently learned about and still skeptical about) And in April got lectured by my probation officer for supposedly diluting my urine (assuming that is from the water) I can afford all these "detox" drinks not would I won't to try that. A former smoke buddy tried it long time ago it turned his urine a funky color and he still failed. I refuse to use synthetic pee or someone else's, just because I don't want to be dishonest and knowing my luck I would be the one to get caught. I basically already know I am going to fail. I just saw him on the 20th of April, and have to report back May 3rd. I really can't afford to go to jail, and a violation will cost me my diversion. I need any educational advice, sites, etc that I can provide to him, about the estimated time it take to me after 20 years of chronic use.
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    I smoked 3 times and it had been 6 plus years since I smoked before this. I'm on day 56 and failed 4 days ago at my methadone clinic for thc. I need a clean test in 7 days or else I get kicked out of program.
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    I am a female age 29 171 lbs 5'8. I have abstained from pot since august 5th. Cps has me testing randomly since august 22nd using "avertest" randomly from the dates of 8-22 to 9-5 I have gotten a neg, positive, neg, positive, neg, neg results consecutively on random dates between given time period(I am still being tested and don't know my most current results as they have not come in. Why in the world would my test results be like this?
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    I would guess that exercise is involved.
    The metabolite is stored in body fat. If you get active enough to burn fat . . .
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    That is weird, do you have a high body mass index? The 3 times you smoked was it large amounts? I am thinking that your doan clinic may be using tests with a low cutoff point which is very sensitive. Something funny going on.i have reports done by NORML, federal bureau of Prisons probation officers done by top toxicologists that say you should be clean at 21 days max.
    I was on a doan clinic back in the 80s and they kept saying I was failing for cocaine and I did not ever do cocaine.
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    I am 70 days clean and just failed my lab corp drug test. Lost a really good job. I took one and was over diluted. So I retook and it came up positive. I am a 120 lb female. I don't exercise but truly am floored about my results and outcome.
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    I was hired through a temp agency. I passed my test through their chosen lab. Then when being hired permanently through the company they wanted me tested through their chosen lab. First test came up diluted. I drink a lot of water. So they sent me back for retest. And I was told I failed. But thank you. I'm sure something better will come along. I'm just floored that after so long I am testing positive. I'm going to call the actual lab Monday and get my results.
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    Oh m
    oh my God ! First of all I am very sorry and this whole just say no! Bullshit and anti marijuana anti constitutional stuff is bullshit but that does not give you your job back my spouting off.
    May I ask a question? You are 70 days clean from weed were you a heavy smoker? The info I have is dated a few years from the drug court studies with toxicologists I'm thinking the thc levels are much higher now? They must be using tests with low ng per ml I have never heard this stuff till now.
    I get tested randomly and work on offshore oil rigs 21/21 and smoke the first 3-4 days home small amounts maybe 1/4 gram a day and test negative 9 days later. I don't smoke much and skip months. The cutoff on the tests where I work are 50ng per ml
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    I read a lot and obsess on this shit and NORML and a few other places say that these things don't work but I hear stories they do.
    A friend of mine on probation swears by them. This poor gal that was clean 70 days? Non obese and still tested positive? I may have to do more research. I'll check out that site thank u
    I'm still trying
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    I was a heavy smoker. Several times a day of high grade marijuana. But my first initial test with the temp agency was a 20 ng per ml cutoff. It was a 10 panel test. I passed no problem. The second 2 I am not sure of as lab Corp uses a code for the test on my donor sheet that I can't seem to look up. I was notified late Friday and escorted out of my job and was unable to contact the lab. I will be contacting them Monday and getting specifics on the actual test performed and hopefully getting confirmation on my results. I am floored even as a heavy smoker. I have taken many many many tests in my time. And NEVER failed one. NEVER. And never have I ever stopped smoking for this long before any test. I have smoked since I was 14 and I am now 35. Worked healthcare for 6 years and many other jobs that required testing. Another thing about the test I passed with no problem was that it was spontaneous. They contacted me at work and I left that minute and it was almost a month before this final failed one. It seems fishy to me. But will know more Monday.
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    Yes something is very fishy, I am sure you have researched as heavily as I have, I don't read the sites that are selling detox drinks but real medical journals.
    I get tested randomly as I work on offshore oil rigs 21/21 schedule. The first 4 days home I'll smoke twice daily maybe 2 tokes to relax and never more than a gram in 4 days and I'm clean at 50ng tests a week later or less.
    I can't understand how u were positive.. unless they are doing a fancy gas chromatograph . Every actual study I read says you should be testing negative.
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    Yes I can say I know a lot more than I ever have now. I have researched until my brain hurts. It is just really fishy that I can pass a 20 ng a month prior to failing. That's what has me really stumped. That's not an easy one to pass. And a month prior. My system should be even more clean now. But like I said I will update Monday once I find more out about this one I failed. The sheet they gave me doesn't have much info on it about the test other than a code that I can't seem to find out what it means. Monday will be the answer to all this. I'm really bummed about losing my position and the fact that I am trying hard to clean myself up. I have not slipped at all.
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    I lived in California and got a medical card... I started with smoking but like edibles a lot more... I did it for about 7months.... I had to move to Kansas and stopped.... just got a job and have only been clean for 27 days and I am still testing positive. I test for real on Friday and its Wednesday and I am freaking out....I am not an active person but I did have gastric bypass 2 years ago I lost over 100 pound but I am 5"10 and about 190 the surgery didn't go well
    Making eating hard hence the medical card I was taking so many prescriptions that I wanted to stop now I wish I hadn't does anyone have any suggestions???
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    Burnt toast, FBR, yall both seem very knowledgeable and just aren't throwing out crazy ideas but factual info..

    with that being, I've used a synthetic urine called Xstream and it passed as negative on the initial I/A screening as the nurse told me it was negative.. I guess my question is if for some reason they suspect the specimen as an adulterant and it gets sent off for GC/MS, will it still pass as a negative result?
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    I failed one time after not smoking for 6 weeks, I was so pissed duded. I applied at Walmart as an overnight stalker and I would have had the job but they called me back and said I failed. I was like wtf. I had done this before where I stopped smoking for like 5 weeks and passed my test. Idk if it was because they sent my result to the lab or what but I was so pissed dude. All I was doing to get it out of my system was drinking tons of water and running almost everyday. I was a super heavy smoker back then. like wake and bake and high all day everyday smoker, but like I said I had done it before where I took that time off to get clean and I didn't have a problem.
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    I’m 5’7 140lbs. I smoked regularly for about 6-8 months (regularly meaning everyday) about an 8th a week. I haven’t smoked in 4 weeks & still testing positive. sucks

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