have you failed after 30+ days weed free?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by halfassedjedi, May 25, 2009.

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    Dr. Md. Snake Oil Salesman, here you are again with the BS in your broken english, trying to make a buck off of people who you might convince have a medical problem with pot. You are a scammer and a bull shit artist. Here is the proof :
    If you feel like you're in this state of mind where nothing can make you able to quit weed or overcome cannabis withdrawal symptom, then it's better to get help from Experts. Call 1-888-328-2518 Now
    Your whole thing is to get them hooked with your 7 page sales pitch, to convince the reader that they are addicted to pot.
    Please go away. You have been reported. You will be confronted by me anytime you try to put this crap out... it is very much helpful for you.
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    So, exactly how much does it cost to fix imaginary problems?

    I was ingesting an average dose of 750mg RSO daily for about 2 years.
    Then, I stopped for a month to see how the rest of the world was getting on.

    You nailed this clown Em.
    His web site reads like a phony boner-pill infomercial.

    Carry on,
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