have you failed after 30+ days weed free?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by halfassedjedi, May 25, 2009.

  1. CallMeChong

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    Yea, I'm in the 60+ days/ 8 weeks timeframe myself. I'm 5'2" 106 lbs but was a pretty heavy smoker also and for many years.
  2. ZackE

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    Hey now, I just failed a UA today for thc and I am 83days sober. I'm 5'11" 205lbs so I'm concerned as to how long it could take to get clean.
  3. Mass Medicinals

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    It is probably a list of things that help contribute to a positive test after 4+ weeks. 83 days in a word...God-damn...

    We have been on the far left of the scale, passed a test a week after smoking. This isn't something to laugh at and was super stressful about the consequences of failing that test...

    Are you all changing your diet, refraining from being in the presence of weed smoked/vaped etc?
  4. ZackE

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    I was actually in treatment for 30days and then jail for 45 days, and all I had done was drink water and the meals were decently healthy too, I have no idea how I'm still dirty though I was smoking a lot of concentrates, about a half ounce a week.. I'm sure I should be clean any day here.. I have another test tomorrow at 85 days sober so we will see
  5. Mass Medicinals

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    So regular pot use (a couple times a week) can result in thc+ UA's into the 4-6 week range. Beyond 30 days isn't typical in our opinion. Anyways our point is that this can occur from just smoking flower. Which realistically can come in a range between 10-25% thc.

    Concentrates are typically over 4-5 times (70-90% thc) higher thc % than flower.

    We're not going to suggest that metabolism is linear and that the body will take 4-5 times longer than flower. But in addition to your own body's metabolism you have just a lot more THC in the body due to the concentrates over flower. Which in turn is probably taking longer to process and return to a clean system.
  6. Luk22122

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    Hi, i'v tried smoking a couple of times and it was 7 months ago. I used like 2 grams in 2 months before i stopped entirely. Is there any chance of me testing positive in any kind of test? I'm 6'4" 225lbs kind of fat and not active at all unless i need to be. I have never smoked before that.
  7. Weezard

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    Then you have nothing to worry about.
  8. JunkieoftheSun

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    50 days smoke free, smoked multiple times daily, every day before I decided to stop and look for employment. Took 3 at home tests yesterday, all fail. Pretty sure I’m not going to get my dream job. Think I’m going to try the dilution route today and see how that works with another at home and if I get a negative will do tomorrow before actual drug screen. No money for special detox drinks, moved to new area so no friends I can ask for clean pee. Anyone have any other ideas!? Help!
  9. 6 months of daily smoking, on average 5g/week. Quit on 22th december because I got noticed of a pre-employment drug test, that will be 5th of Jan. I've tried a couple of home tests now, without dilution there was not even a faintest line. With dilution, I get the faintest lines, that you can barely see. Almost imaginary.

    22 years old, male. I'm about 178-180cm (5'10, 5'11) and my weight varies from 62-69kg's. I haven't done any major exercising in the past couple of years, and have been eating junk food etc. Regardless of my eating habits, haven't gotten that much weight, so I guess that means I should have a pretty fast metabolism.

    Any idea if I'm gonna pass with 2 weeks of abstinence + dilution?
  10. surfing1

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    I can’t speak for you but when I was a everyday smoker I passed lab Corp tests in 7 days using half the dilution specs. I can also pass at home tests in 4 days using half the dilution method. It’s all about timing you don’t want to over do the liquid but you also need to pee 3-4 times in a hour right before the test. Just remember everyone is different what works for me may not for you. Good luck
  11. Rondu

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    A small bit of wax out of a pen daily like a tiny bit it took me maybe over a year to use 1 oz of wax. Stopped Aug 26 did Walgreens CVS tests. Was showing positive on those until about 42 days just took one today and it was a darker line than previous tests and just took a SAP 10-50 pre employment on sober day 178 I hope I pass, reading this stuff has me a little stressed but the longest person to admit they failed on this thread as been 83 days. Hopefully being at almost 180 days I will fair better for me.

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