have you failed after 30+ days weed free?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by halfassedjedi, May 25, 2009.

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    Hey Guys.

    Can we weigh in on this.

    First we totally agree with Imtrying, that the average user (even heavy users) will pass a urine test after 30 days without use. And for the most part users do not have to undergo restrictive diets, adding exercise, or increasing the amount of water consumed. All of these things help but typically are not required. So good for you for getting all of those things into your daily routine, and congrats on losing the weight. That being said you are unique in that your home kits are showing you still have pot in your system. Which sucks. We know people who have been lucky and passed with under a week of sobriety (which no one should ever try to do).

    One minor correction: regarding diuretics and drug tests. Diuretics can be helpful in getting you to pass a drug test. Taken straight from Norml.org:

    "Water, though also effective in helping marijuana smokers "beat" the test, is not a diuretic. Consuming diuretic fluids just prior to taking a urine test dilutes the concentration of drug metabolites in the sample below the threshold of detection. However, this effect is only temporarily."

    So if you aren't mainlining coffee and or cranberry juice. You could add this to your intake to see what happens.

    One other thing. Are you ever in the presence of THC being smoked, or handling pot? Those are two ways person who isn't actually smoking/consuming pot can accidentally test positive.

    Best of luck!!!
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    Can you fail a urine test after a year sober?
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    It's incredibly unlikely to be in your system after a year sober. However you can test positive from being exposed to cannabis. So that's more likely the way you'd get a positive test.

    These are really the only ways you'd fail after a year sober:

    accidentally ingestion of cannabis
    Inhaling second hand smoke
    Touching cannabis plants or flower

    If can avoid exposure, the majority of users are going to be testing negative after about 4 weeks.

    good luck
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    By “touching” a plant, are you inferring the handling of the mature plant with resin soaked buds and flowers and leaves? Because I think handling young plants in their early phase of vegetation, the resins aren’t going to be there to absorb into the skin.
    But I will say that it’s probably a good idea to wear nitrile powderless gloves while harvesting or tending mature plants. Just asking for clarification. Thanks.
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    I get randomly tested in my job. I work a 21 day on 21 day off cycle so I smoke the first few days home and shut it down. I also grow dank sticky buds and touch them when tending or trimming. The resin on the plants is not really water soluble so it is not easy in that form for subcutaneous transfer of THC ... BUT to be safe I still wear surgical gloves.
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    Thanks @Imtrying,

    I would not touch a plant with exposed skin at any point in the life cycle if I needed to pass a drug test. But certainly wearing gloves once the place was flowering.
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