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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by fuzzybud, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. fuzzybud

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    Hi, I've been reading for a few days and I know that synthetic subs like QuickFix are really popular and seem to show 100% results.

    BUT I'm worried that labs are now testing for synthetic urine - my company is being bought by some right-wing religious nuts (no offense to other nuts), and I'm worried that they might actually spend the $ to check for synthetic urine.

    So I bought the powdered human urine from ureasample.com - it was over fifty bucks, but I figure that's a decent price to pay for future employment, especially since I love my job!

    My best guess is that I'll have a urine test within the next two weeks. If you're wondering about dilution, I've done a home test and come through fine and then failed the next time.

    So I want something that is 100% for sure. That's why I ordered the powdered human urine.

    Sorry for the long backstory, but it's all leading up to my question:

    Has anybody else used human urine purchased from ureasample.com? I'm concerned because any company could SAY they provide 100% clean urine - what are we going to do, sue them? Pretty good chance none of us bud enthusiasts would do that and put a spotlight on ourselves.

    So if there's anybody out there who has tested and passed with HUMAN urine purchased online, please post here.

    I'm worried about the lack of testimonials and considering buying QuickFix, but if they test for synthetic urine, I'm fucked.

    Thanks bud buddies
  2. Burnt Toast

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    An employer doesnt have to be some 'right-wing religious nut', or spend large sums of dough to have the lab test for a non-human urine sample - the labs do it anyway as part of the validity check.
    A "non-human" sample is determined when the creatinine level is between zero and 2 mg/dL. As long as the synthetic is of a reputable brand, is not expired, and hadnt been exposed to any direct sunlight, you have nothing to worry about in the validity check department.

    You can actually perform your own validity test on the synthetic sample to ensure that the creatinine, pH, and specific gravity are all within acceptable ranges. Do a Google search for drug adulteration test kits.
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  3. fuzzybud

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    So you're saying that there's no point in testing for non-human urine, because some companies can beat it and some can't? Your post makes no sense, but thanks anyway.​
  4. fuzzybud

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    Sorry, wasn't trying to be a jerk in my last response, Burnt Toast.

    What I should've said is that the specimen validity test doesn't test whether urine is human or not. If you have a human sample that's been adulterated, it will still fail the sv test.

    There is another test that can distinguish human from synthetic urine, but my question really has more to do with asking if anybody has experience with the company ureasample.com and using human urine purchased online (as opposed to a friend's).

    I already bought the freeze-dried, supposedly clean, human urine sample - I guess I'm looking to be reassured by someone who has dealt with this company before.

  5. Burnt Toast

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    Do your research!

    Bullshit! The specimen validity test checks for 3 conditions:

    A) If a sample is adulterated (use of drop-in additives, or household chemicals)

    B) If a sample is diluted (low creatinine and specific gravity levels)

    C) If a substituted specimen has been used (creatinine and specific gravity levels that are so low and/or divergent that its not consistent with normal human urine)

    There is no test for this without getting to the area of genetic testing. Not only is genetic testing costly and complicated in process, but labs practicing in the US are prohibited by law from performing any form of genetic testing on urine samples collected for a drug test. Not unless explicit permission was granted by the donor on an entirely seperate and detailed consent form.

    The labs are only allowed to test for drug metabolites, creatinine, pH, specific gravity, certain oxidants, and excessive nitrites. And under this criteria (established by the US Dept of Health & Human Services) a "non-human" sample is ruled when when the creatinine concentration is less than 2mg/dL, and the specific gravity is less than or equal to 1.0010; or greater than or equal to 1.0200 on both the initial and confirmatory creatinine tests (i.e., the same colorimetric test may be used to test both aliquots) and on both the initial and confirmatory specific gravity tests (i.e., a refractometer is used to test both aliquots) on two separate aliquots.

    And like I earlier stated, as long as the synthetic batch is not expired and had been stored away from direct sunlight, it will pass these validity checks.
  6. fuzzybud

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    Toast, please stop insulting me. I have done my research.

    My point is that the Specimen Validity test doesn't have anything to do with whether the urine is synthetic or human.

    If I do the dilution method, I can still fail the SV test if I don't have enough creatinine in my system; that doesn't mean my urine isn't human.

    The genetic test you mention IS the one I'm worried they will ask us to sign off on and take, because they are so fiercely religious and ignorant.

    I don't think you're following what I've written. I will bullet point it for you one more time:
    • I've already purchased a dried sample of clean, HUMAN urine from ureasample.com
    • I'm interested in hearing from people who have purchased from this vendor and whether they are reliable.
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  7. Burnt Toast

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    So far you have yet to demonstrate anything to establish that you have..:rolleyes:

    No, but the SVT is used to determine a non-human sample

    No it means youre sample was 'diluted' (creatinine level between 2-20 mg/dL) Any sample with a creatinine level under 2 mg/dL is ruled "non-human" as I already pointed out.

    Why in the hell would you think of signing away your rights to be protected from discrimination via genetic profiling? :rolleyes:
    Know your rights and dont be afraid to assert them. If all what youre saying is true, you need to inform that employer that what they are doing is discriminatory and that you wish to have your lawyer present while signing the consent form. I'll bet you a fin that the employer will fold up like a tent and send that consent form to the shredder.

    Oh Ive followed everything that youve written.:)
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  8. fuzzybud

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    Has anyone purchased human urine from ureasample.com?

    I would be interested to hear your experiences with clean human urine purchased online.

    I've already bought some freeze dried human urine from ureasample.com and would feel a lot more confident about subbing if I heard some good feedback from others who have dealt with this company.

    Thank you!
  9. Burnt Toast

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    Instead of parroting your question over and over (which does nothing to make your question more recognizable nor elicit a sooner response), you'll find some feedback by using the Search button, with the term "Ureasample".

    The Search button is your friend. :thumbsup:
  10. kermitthehermit

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    Please take it easy. You're kinda new around here so sit tight and give it a little time. Answers come at their own pace.

    As an aside, Burnt Toast is one of the posters I respect and listen to the most. Burnt offers timely answers and well-reasoned advice, and reading this thread, i would say he/she has done a very good job of addressing some of the issues you mention.

    The powdered urine question is a good one and someone who knows will answer.
  11. fuzzybud

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    Actually, Toast didn't provide me with any information that I didn't already have. In fact, there was really no reason at all for him to respond to my post...

    I only have one question, which is basically, has anyone passed a UA test using ureasample.com's human urine?

    And of course, I had already tried the "Search" feature before Toast's smug suggestion - the resulting posts are all years old, or more recent ones asking the same thing, e.g. "does anybody have experience with this company?"

    It's okay, I found another forum where the people are a bit friendlier and don't try to make you feel like shit for asking a fucking question.
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  12. Burnt Toast

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    Oh please. If this was actually true, then you wouldnt have had worries like this prior to my first response:
    The fact that youre posting in an open forum leaves the door wide open to responses made by anyone registered to post, whether you feel they have a reason to respond or not. And because this is an open forum for responses, you have no control over who can respond and who cant.

    And if you came across N2's response during your search, you wouldve found your answer regarding experiences with the company. N2's post describing his experience is just as relevant today as it was when he made that post a few years ago. Stop trying to make excuses.

    And the reason why you dont see that much feedback on Ureasample is obvious: Its reason for being is no longer necessary since theres laws protecting the donor from discrimination via genetic profiling and that labs have the means to identify a "non-human" sample using creatinine and SG checks, thus staying within the letter of the regulations outlined by DHHS. Since a good reputable synthetic can pass the validity checks allowed under the regs, theres no need to spend huge sums of money on freeze-dried samples from Ureasample.

    If people making responses in regards to genetic testing and SVT testing somehow makes you "feel like shit" then it just shows that your skin is not thick enough to handle it.

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