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    Hey guys gals and everyone in between! I have a question if anyone has ever heard of this happening before. I'm a 39 year old male I have been using opoids for chronic pain for a long time over 7 years. I was never able to smoke weed when I was younger it made me to paranoid. Anyway I've been using cannabis legally from my state of Florida ever since I was educated on cbd and how it reduces paranoia so at first I went to Colorado and tried a few low thc strains like harlequin and some JLL. I was anxious at first because of the paranoia I experienced in the past and to my surprise I felt great some minor paranoia just from the basic anxiety I had Going in but after a few days it was gone. Fast forward to today I now use 80% thc oil with little to no cbd and I still don't get really paranoid but I don't get high either.. So I still am using opiates I'm trying to cut back using the weed and it worked for a little while but now I'm Having a hard time getting high after like 3 in the afternoon and the preliminary high is pretty weak to. The more I smoke the more anxiety I get in my stomach (not paranoia just burning anxiety I'm my stomach) and a headache comes on.. If I continue to smoke I get so tired I can't keep my eyes open and fall asleep.. Any help would be appreciated I still use some cbd is the cbd not allowing me to get high? Thanks for any advice /help

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