Hawaiian Indica?

Discussion in 'Indica' started by Blaize, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Blaize

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    Looking for any info about it! Started two clones of it, and looking for any info regarding how much it typically yields, how the smoke is and so on.
  2. MadSativa

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    never herd of it, I heard of haywain ice, I wanna try that
  3. Lit Up

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    ^Yeah, could be any Indica in Hawaii.
  4. Blaize

    Blaize Registered+

    Oh alright. I know it's crossed with Northern Lights x Hawaiian but that's about the extent of what I know so far.
  5. the image reaper

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    technically, it's a hybrid ... Hawaii's native strains are sativas, while Northern Lights is typically pure indica (I say 'typically', because some NL strains have a bit of sativa in there) ... other than that, I know nothing about it ... sounds good, though, good luck :thumbsup:
  6. VapKingCole

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    Its def a hybrid, Just got done with one. Great aroma, taste,buds get dense so watch for bud rot. High is nice mellow. Mine had the JH fingers pheno. Lots o hairs, and takes a bit longer to finish.

    Not my fav but the aroma, taste is something to experience.:jointsmile:

    Hope this helps yah
  7. LOC NAR on probation

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    I know nirvana has a Hawaiian x skunk. It's pure awsome. It displays the sativa side when growing but the smoking is pure couch lock. It's like crack on a stick. You smoke and then just as soon as you can you smoke again which was 3 to 4 hours. Don't plan on doing anything.
  8. dukesdean

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    Very high yeilds:smokin:
  9. docdj

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    I grew it in 2007...

    Hawaiian Indica is ...Well, I will let this speak for me:
    Hawaiian Indica


    Origin: Hawaii, Holland

    Breeder: Sensi SeedBank

    Medical: Spasticity and pain

    "The Hawaiian Indica by Sensi ( and that is the Hawaiian used in the excelent BC Seed Co strain, NL x Hawaiian, as well as the Classics Hawaiian Indica, Hawaiian/Kush) is like a summer day, dreamy. The big buds, that I can identify more readily that any other strain of the fat cola bud type, the pistils are often tinged red, rose, pink, (usally white), are wide round buds, offering great dreamy high and larger than moderate potential yields. Hawaiians indicas, somewhat like Thai indicas, especially sativas, don't handle stress well, so an already proven environment of conscientious grow room care should be the phase you feel you have evolved to in grow experience. A Hawaiian Indica really adds flesh to small yielding indicas ( I would like to see White Widow crossed Hawaiian Indica, I think that might have profound benefits and influences). Hawaiian Indica, in my experience, is a good medicine for the spasticity and pain ailments also.

    Hawaiian Indica used to be more popular 10 years ago, when there was more Hawaiian outdoor available shipped off outside of Hawaii. With the severity of the Marijuana Extermination Program of the USDEA, Hawaiian outdoor is simply not found outside of the former Sandwich Island these days." - Marc Emery

    My experience is a tall plant, but with nice size colas and a decent yield. Great citrusy smell when growing... A typical Sativa cross, with that being the dominant pheno... Overall a nice social smoke...Not a lot of couch lock... Nothing fancy.. Jes chillin'...:jointsmile:


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