he admitted it, hope they put him away for a long time.

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by slipknotpsycho, Aug 27, 2007.

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  2. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    It's only because he's black.....and rich.....and famous.....and treats animals like toys to play with and torture.....

    I say wipe him off the face of the earth.
  3. TOOL9

    TOOL9 Registered+

    Yea i saw his "sincere apology" earlier today. I hope the bastard stays in prison for a long time and never takes another snap in the NFL
  4. trainwreck530

    trainwreck530 Registered+

    i completely disagree...michael vick is an incredible athlete. ive seen him make some crazy plays before! shit happens...plus you ever think about it from his point? i dont think so.

    this sucks...man i hope for the best:thumbsup:

  5. ATrain

    ATrain Registered+

    Shit happens? :wtf: Shit like setting up and funding an illegal, and lets not forget morally reprehensible, dog fighting operation? In my opinion he's an incredible athlete, a shitty QB, and a failure as a man.

    And by the way, I don't count Vick's actions at the end as "taking responsibility". He denied any involvement to the media, the fans and the commissioner, and the only reason he pled guilty was because they had a enough evidence to bury him. Getting backed into a corner and taking the only way out isn't owning up to his actions, it's taking a bite out of the shit sandwich he fixed for himself.

    I hope he never suits up for the NFL again.
  6. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    I'd tend to agree with you more if he had been charged with a 'crime of passion'- basically, anything NOT premeditated. But what he's been charged with took a lot of planning and sneakery; it wasn't a single bad decision, it was a long STRING of bad decisions, and he could have stopped doing it at any time.
  7. BathingApes

    BathingApes Registered+

    Why do people not want him to ever play in the NFL? He is gonna go to jail, and he is going to serve his time. The point of prison is rehabilitation. It doesn't mean that if you go to jail you should never ever ever be allowed to play professional sport etc. The whole point of jail is yes a punishment, but it serves a deeper purpose. Maybe not in the USA but here there is an emphasis on rehabilitation - that is the point of a minimal sentence.

    He did something extremely wrong, lied about it, then admitted it. We operate as one, if one of us fails we all do. People shouldn't just be discarded when they make a mistake, no matter how serious. This man did terrible things, but his time served in prison shall be his penance.

    I would much rather see a rejuvinated Michael Vick in a few years time playing in the NFL, rather than to see him drift into obscurity never to be seen again..
  8. psychocat

    psychocat Registered+

    Don't know who he is,, nor do I care really.
    I do have to say that he should do his time and if he earns another chance then he should be given it.
    I am an ex-con and there are enough people who believe drug smugglers should be locked up forever, if that was the case I wouldn't be typing this now.
  9. ATrain

    ATrain Registered+

    But the NFL is a business and with his thoughtless actions he demonstrated that he isn't concerned with abiding by the rules the NFL has set down, at the expense of the NFL too. Based upon his actions he has forfeited the right to play in the NFL, and I'd personally like to see them hold him to that.

    I'm not saying that one criminal conviction should mean that you are kicked out of the league but I think his actions, especially as one of the leagues most identifiable premier players, go above and beyond what is forgivable.
  10. Divadish

    Divadish Registered+

    It could be construde as bringing the NFL into disrepute which i'm sure would be breach of contract on his part with the NFL and the Falcons
  11. Comatose

    Comatose Registered+

    I believe that any PROFESSIONAL should be held to a higher standard. When you make that much money, and influence that many children, your actions speak louder than any words.

    If any real world PROFESSIONAL did something like this, they would lose their job and probably find difficulties finding work for the rest of their life.... But.... we are talking about the NFL. The NFL doesn't have any policy like this. The NFL has let so called rapists, murders, and cocaine dealers play after their stints in prison, so to think that they will keep Vick from playing for dogfighting (the least serious of raping, murdering, and cocain dealing) is pretty far out there.

    If life were fair, Vick would never play again, but this is the real world. My prediction... he does 2 years in a federal prison, comes out in super human shape, and is the biggest piece of news during the 2010 football season.

    You have to remember, once someone does their time in prison, they are supposed to be clear with society, it, they have paid their debt. Not everyone will forgive him, but for me, if he goes in like a man and does his time, then he'll have my respect back after that. If he somehow finds a way out of this and avoids prison, then that'll be a different story.
  12. ATrain

    ATrain Registered+

    Apparently prison really messes with athletes. Everyone that I've heard of coming out of prison has always taken quite some time to get back into game shape, Tank Johnson for example. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out.
  13. sd6515

    sd6515 Registered+

  14. Gandalf_The_Grey

    Gandalf_The_Grey Registered+

    Hahahaha... yeah, and Michael Jackson couldn't have touched those little boys because he makes such wonderful music.
  15. beachguy in thongs

    beachguy in thongs Registered+

    Who knows, exactly, what he did? Of course, he admitted to hanging them, and, then when they didn't die from that, he'd drown them, but, that's not what I saw.

    Yes, he's much more exciting while running down the sidelines than standing in line for lunch.
  16. Safari Leader

    Safari Leader Registered

    guys its just dogs

    you get more time in jail for killing a dog in this country than a real human being..
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  17. ATrain

    ATrain Registered+

    No, they aren't just dogs :wtf: As soon as we start rationalizing the torturing of animals we are all in a world of shit.

    And I also go back to the fact that it is not like he kicked a dog and is going to be serving ten years. He bankrolled and participated in an organized dog fighting ring. I mean he had a "rape stand" for breeding his dogs. Come on.... :(
  18. GollyWog420

    GollyWog420 Registered+

    fuck him

    fucks like him are the reason dogs like the Great American Pitbull are banned in places, as it casts negative media on them, have a look on youtube at the pitbull vids.
    I dont know how anyone can condone in their own minds hanging/drowning a defenceless animal
    plus people on that sort of money really shouldnt be fuckin up that badly, he's a disgrace to his organisation and they should sack the cunt
    an eye for an eye

  19. ok imagine being the dog... you've been raised (rather harshly too) to be bred for fight after fight, suffering injury, until finally another dog kills you, or you get too old/injured in which you just get beaten to death like a worthless peice of shit...

    you think they keep those dogs around after they've 'outlived their usefulness'? you think they put them up for adoption?
  20. FriendlyWalrus

    FriendlyWalrus Registered

    Don't worry, he won't.

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