Head Shop in Fort Lauderdale

Discussion in 'Florida (FL)' started by JMRinFLA, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. JMRinFLA

    JMRinFLA Registered+

    The Peace Pipe on Federal Hwy. just South of Commercial Blvd. Cool Place. Best I've seen in the area.
  2. MiamiGreg

    MiamiGreg Registered+

    I went to some spot called Big D's it was off of federal in pompono, had some decent stuff in there as well
  3. iwantFUEGO

    iwantFUEGO Registered+

    there are a few head shops north of there.

    FederalxGlades = HempFactory, GratefulJ's

    PalmettoxPowerline = CD Connection

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