Head shop in pittsburgh or around the city

Discussion in 'Pennsylvania (PA)' started by rollnotherblunt420, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. rollnotherblunt420

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    Hey does anyone know if theres any pipe shops where i could get a sick glass bong around the pittsburgh area?:Rasta:
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  2. da5mikeY

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  3. pabloescobar209

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    all the headshops/majority of them were shutdowm about 3/4 yaers ago... so the answer is no... there is a place in VW by morgantown, and a place by the WVU campus as well but nothing around here
  4. Krippysmoker

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    I know of an OK one in pittsburgh...basic...but VERY hidden...there is a GREAT one about 40 min away in WV.....Camellion glass...good selection
    Personally If you want the sickest glass there is...Go with a ROOR :)
    But if you need help finding...get a hushmail acct...and I May help you..if I know your not LEO
  5. Krippysmoker

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    There is another near WEIRTON WV...which is a few miles from POST GAZETTE PAVILION....so keep that one in mind....and while your there on the way back to the burgh..stop off at a place called DJ's. This place has the best ribs in the world...and I hate ribs. But people wait in line for hours just for the ribs..for those stoners who hate to wait drive through pickup on you PRE order is available. I see people from pgh in there everytime I have gone down....perfect stoner food :) Peace
  6. ryu

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    Couldn't figure out how to PM. Where's this headshop in Weirton? I can see the city from my house.
  7. da5mikeY

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    yeah there are a ton of shops in WV because of the University, so just ask someone who goes there I guarantee you they can tell you a few places
  8. Krippysmoker

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    This one is actually part STRIPPER CLOTHING PART PIPES. I suck at names...but its like less than 5 min across the pa WV border. Also while your down there...stop by DJs Ribs.....Hell I dont even like ribs but I will eat theirs happily....yeah they are that damn good. Be prepared to wait....always busy.
    Great stoner food though. Ask anyone where the DANCER CLOTHING STORE IS....or drive into the town of weirton....drive through the steel mill...road runs right between the plant....at the red light turn right...follow it through 2 more small lights....just look for a big white building on the right...next to a tatoo shop. Weirton is pretty small so its hard to miss...stop at any gas station and ask...THEY WILL KNOW. Sorry stoned and really hard to type...I LOVE YOU HASH
  9. illegal 82

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    There is a tattoo shop near west mifflin that sells pipes and bongs, its on glass run road
  10. robmeyer

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    why no head shops in PA

    Is there a law against selling "tobacco" products in PA?
  11. StateofMind

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    I'm thinking about starting a pipe shop in the Pittsburgh area. Are there any laws against operating one?
  12. AndTen06

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    The Head Shop in Morgantown is called CoolRidge and is on High St. lol it is open until about 7pm everyday I believe. It's a hippy store in the upstairs and then they have a smoke shop down in the basement. Technically all Headshops we're banned years ago by the federal Gov (you can thank the Bush Administration for that) It is no longer possible to acquire a paraphernalia license but the Shops that we're already open are grandfathered in. I was told by an employee at Cool Ridge that if the federal government wanted to they could still shut them down but it's most likely not going to happen.
  13. JodahTheHutt

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  14. theguru412

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    Novelty + in Weirton WV

    Yeah Novelty Plus ( Novelty + ) 1432 Pennsylvania Avenue Weirton West Virginia is my favorite head shop around. It's only 30 minutes outside of Pittsburgh and has an awesome selection. Best prices in the area and the employees always take care of us. You can check them out on Facebook> http://www.facebook.com/noveltypluswv
  15. 79lostinspace79

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    Thanks I liked it on facebook do you know if they would mail a pipe or junk or what man.
  16. Pipedreamz n'At

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    Pipedreamz n'At is the working man's head shop of Pittsburgh! Come in today and let us find you the pipe of your dreamz! Don't worry about your budget, we can work with everyone.

    If we look closed, just call, we will open just for you!

    Store (412) 509-7543
    Kratom Eric (Text) (412) 819-6771
    Preacher/Matt (412) 616-3880
    DJ (412) 877-1185
    Tab (412) 616-3507

    Pipedreamz nAt
    2603 Brownsville Rd
    Pittsburgh - Brentwood - Carrick PA

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