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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by kully, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. kully

    kully Registered+

    Hi everyone ,

    This is the only site on mary jane that ive seen that has an irish section,

    But i only found 1 post about where you can find head shops,mabye its just me but i dont like ordering off the net i prefer to just walk into a place and buy lights
    seeds and nutes Etc.

    Where are the headshops that you peeps use (especially for lights),The only one i know of is 1 on caple street

    Its not like you can look in the yellow pages under "W" for weed suplies :D

  2. joebhoy

    joebhoy Registered+

    Head shops for light's you really have to be joking?

    First of all in this gorgeous country that I am from you can go to a certain shop and pay about 200Euro for about 400Watt light! Go to ebay you will find alot cheaper.

    If your stuck for light's, I buy them in bulk then resell them to mate's cause it's very hard to get where I am, I can get the dutch pot grow light 400W there about 200Sterling plus 30 pound delivery on some site's I buy in bulk resell them for about 175-180Euro a go. Not really cheap I know but sure is a hell alot cheaper than what you would pay here in Ireland saving more than a hundred I would say.

    Have none at moment all gone hoping to get more in what kinda stuff would you be after?

    Anyways there are a few shop's in Temple Bar but there expensive.

  3. kully

    kully Registered+

    Im not looking for a bargain,whatever your on about i dont know

    What shops in templebar?
  4. joebhoy

    joebhoy Registered+

    There are a few but very expensive honestly net is the best there's two in temple bar there is also one in Galway all are very hard to find thinking of opening my own business in the region of hydroponic's.



    Guy in temple bar was looking for 250 I think for 400w HP'S honestly you want advice stay away from them.

  5. kully

    kully Registered+

    Your begining to annoy me ,

    Anyone else whose reading this post ,dont be afraid to give any input :)
  6. joebhoy

    joebhoy Registered+

    Look go to Temple bar go into one of the funky shops that sell hippie stuff and ask someone where can you find a shop that sell's mushroom's and hydroponic stuff.

    In temple bar there is a place it's purple but it's in an alley way very hard to find just ask soemone in one of those kinda funky shop's there was two shop's but one was closed I think the other one is open but like I said its very expensive but sure you wanna waste money go ahead.

    I'm annoying :mad: how about you kiss my arse I have better thing's to be doing at 6 o clock in the morning without getting sh!t from you.

  7. TheBudBuster

    TheBudBuster Guest

    6 in the morning...have you no school tomorro.....
    Kully where abouts you from ... just go to Chapel Street its cool... btw if you look in the Mellow Pages under Hydrophonic suppliers or horticultural suppliers.there a few in belfast. but as joe said there expensive..... watch out
  8. iasscarra

    iasscarra Registered

    Oh Master kully I have the answer!!!!

    Perhaps you are starting to annoy me, everybody here helps if they can, just the fact that you are looking for information, does not mean that people are queing up to help you, people will reply eventually when fit your f****ng GRACE.
    See Kully the way it works here....... your arrogant contribution, shall be seen by everybody else visitng and I would be suprised that they may want to answer your questions......... penny dropped yet............. No!.......... I will help you out............ YOU DONT GET THE INFORMATION THAT YOU WANTED ORIGINALLY. see and for fear ( and I reckon this is a real possibility ) that you forget what I have said in 60seconds just log on again or right this down a**hol* ....................... ' NICE TO BE NICE ' !!!!

    Jayzus joebhoy you get some crackers here.:thumbsup:
  9. Land of Drought

    Land of Drought Registered+

    Ive used them before there were many grow shops here. For anybody else the New digital Lamps are available too at a good price

    Best of Luck D
  10. joebhoy

    joebhoy Registered+


    Ah they were the good days..
  11. notech

    notech Banned

    One on capel street... One on crow street...

    But. . . . As you have already been advised,, be prepared

    to spend spend spend. . . . :)

    Honestly,, take it as good advice that you would be better

    off gettin your goddies on-line. . . .

    There is nowt wrong with ordering off the net. . . . :eek:

    Peace. . . . :thumbsup:
  12. kully

    kully Registered+

    Ill give those a look thanks ...

    And when i said your annoying me,,, i meant in what you were saying about the prices you put up,

    Mabye i worded it badly ,

  13. iasscarra

    iasscarra Registered

    cool then

    Sorry about that then kully, best of luck with the lights etc.....:)
  14. Smoking Chef

    Smoking Chef Registered+

    The 2 in Dublin City.......
    Yer man in Crow Street, the young lad with the bandana, he is a nice guy but would sell ya stuff you dont really need, plus left me hanging for something i ordered of him for around 6 weeks and then told me he could'nt get it for me.
    I mean the shop is good if you know what you are looking for and its not cheap!
    The 1 in Capel Street is a little better. Yer man in there knows a little more than Crow Street. Still exspensive.
    Check e-bay for hydroponics supplys, tiz not bad.

  15. Land of Drought

    Land of Drought Registered+

    Good Points

    You know thats what will fk em up in the end. When you grow sometimes you dont have the time to hang around,,, waiting six weeks then telling you that he cant get it is complete bullshit.......
    Maybe its time i open ed my own place aldo id have to stop growing naw fk that lol...

    Best of Luck Heads D
  16. Smoking Chef

    Smoking Chef Registered+

    Just want to tell you the diffrence in price......
    Went into yer man in Capel street the other day to buy a Envirolite 200wt for me clones. Well yer man says it was €99, so I say errr.... jazus thats quite pricey, I'll have to leave it for now I'll be back.
    So off home I go and dicided to have a look on e-bay, and whata ya know I buy 1 for €52 and that includes shipping.
    I mean the hydro shops in dublin are pretty good with supplys, but if ya can wait a little I would buy my hardware of e-bay, and I would use the hydro shops for my ferts and nic nacs.
    There ya are now...........

  17. Land of Drought

    Land of Drought Registered+

    Shop around is the Word...Ebay use Paypal?.....
    Paypal do make there records available to Police Forces........

    Ah sure ive used the net ,shops ,use anything which makes it possable

    Peace D
  18. Ois

    Ois Registered

    Grow shops in temple bar South Williams Street and Caple Street. They're all good. Things seem expensive if your just in pricing stuff but if you try get everything in one go you'll get massive discounts. The one in Temple Bar has the best selection, when its open! Think the head shop downstairs is run by the same people so ask down there. New Nirvana on South Williams St. has pretty good grow stuff. Savage bike in window!!!
  19. Paddio1

    Paddio1 Registered+

    I get all my stuff in Nirvana in capel street, the prices seem ok to me, 600w agro with ballast and reflector for €175, anytime I went to temple bar it was closed, I heard that nirvana in south William street is planning to turn the whole back of the shop into a growroom showroom but can't find the right staff to run it.
  20. kc33xmasterkush

    kc33xmasterkush Registered

    if you dont want to buy online i think your best bet would be to go to hydrophonics on crow street.... i usually get stuff in there for a fair price if i'm buying a few things at a time

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