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Discussion in 'Maryland (MD)' started by Smokes, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. Smokes

    Smokes Registered+

    Please help..... if your from Frederick or hagerstown or anywhere close to hagerstown please tell me where the fuck a headshop is around here... im looking to buy a bong and im desperate.. if you know anyplaces let me know.!
  2. douchbag

    douchbag Registered

    Hey if you dont mind the drive to Baltimore 3 shops are on eastern ave.
  3. Smokes

    Smokes Registered+

    Yea, I heard... I was lookin at that but I would prefer somethin closer... but hows the bong selection there?
  4. Terpalum

    Terpalum Registered+

    Pretty damn nice but expensive. I'm in town and we could meet up and smoke if you made the trip. I'd show you where the shops were
  5. Smokes

    Smokes Registered+

    yea that sounds good.. uhh i dont know what im doin yet.. if i do end up going it will be saturday or sunday.. thannks alot...
  6. Terpalum

    Terpalum Registered+

    Sounds good to me I'm free this weekend
  7. Terpalum

    Terpalum Registered+

    You still coming this weekend? I don't have any other way of contacting you except via this thread
  8. TheStig

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  9. Smokes

    Smokes Registered+

    Thanks for the feedback.. Does anyone know of any other ones
  10. BigHomie

    BigHomie Registered+

    I used to go Custom Blends in Gettysburg PA. it's about a 1/2 hour from Frederick. They used to have a lot of nice shit, and lots of glass pieces, I don't know what it's like now.


    Might want to call first to make sure they are still around.
  11. bmoresmoke

    bmoresmoke Registered

    I picked up a nice glass piece @ Zion's Gate on Broadway in December. It was a Christmas present from my little brother...*sniff*...isn't family beautiful?...lol.
  12. BigHomie

    BigHomie Registered+

  13. senoirsalsa

    senoirsalsa Registered+

    theres a outerlimits shop next to palaski highway, its around a cycle world/st clements school/subway/scooter place/precision tune, blue building looks like a house.....just a pinch past a place callec charles

    there awsome, old chill people run it but they ID everyone, they got BADASS hookas i always see in the window and drool over(man i can walk to this place from where i live)
  14. blazeit420

    blazeit420 Registered

    theres 3 head shops in frederick all of them are downtown. one is called willies the other is called house of glass and then bradleys porn shop has some real tight prices they all have pretty decent prices too.
  15. dryst

    dryst Registered+

    theres a few headshops in hagers town, small little stores there kinda hard to find but they got great deals
  16. CrunkChooch

    CrunkChooch Registered

    Local Smokes

    Im in gaithersburg/germantown, looking for friendlies to get inebriated with... let me know what's good :stoned:
  17. ganjasmoker

    ganjasmoker Registered

    Hey crunkchooch, i just moved to Great Mills Maryland-not sure how far that is from you. but i'd love to get inebriated with ya! let me know if ur interested.
  18. MD420

    MD420 Registered

    Moved to area...

    :stoned: Hey everyone...I moved to the Germantown area from St Louis and haven't found anyone around here that smokes or to get any...anyone have any suggestions?
  19. Emfoor

    Emfoor Registered

    yea im in gtown..green is everywhere ohhh yah
  20. Midnight Toking

    Midnight Toking Registered+

    well another Mont Co. Here......the ONLY place I buy at is in WV. http://www.charliebrownsstore.com/
    they are good people and easy to get along with
    JUST DONT CALL IT A BONG....its a water pipe

    have fun and the KILLA BUD is around if you know the right people :Rasta:

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