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    Just wanted to give you a heads-up about a couple of shops that I found in Cork!!!

    I really like Hemp Company - Get Up and Grow located in Cork City off the Western Road...for growing systems. They have a lot of supplies such as lights, nutrients, tanks and so much more. A great place to go in and browse, also the staff is very helpful and friendly. They will be happy to go over everything that you need to get started or if you have any problems. The last time I went which was last week they were having a 20% sale.
    They also have some hemp clothing, teas, oil, etc... Not much here for smoking accessories though.

    As for pipes, vaporizers, bongs, etc...The Funky Skunk is a great place. Located on Lavitt's Quay. They have a wide range of smoking accessories as well as books. This place is good for buying nice bongs and pipes!!!

    You can also order on-line
    Get Up and Grow, hydroponic grow shop in Dublin, Ireland
    The Funky Skunk. Legal Highs, Herbal Highs, Smoke, Spice, Pills.
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    RE: head and grow shops in cork - check out deep routes gardening

    Personally i would have to say the best grow shop in cork city would have to be DEEP ROUTES GARDENING on douglas street (next to fionn bearra pub) as it has an extremley wide range of grow equipment including, lights cfl, hps, and all the nutrients additives soil and anything else you may need!
    They also have a range of legal highs,rizlas a small amount of clothing and many other interesting things around the shop.
    The staff there are very knowlegable and helpfull. And seem very enthusiastic about what they do.I have been a regular customer at this shop for a very long time and have always left the shop happy.
    Also its a really cool place to pop by for a chat as all the staff are really cool and laidback. i would have to say this place is corks best kept secret for growers

    Cheers i hope this helps:hippy::hippy:

    Give them a call on 021 4311064 and they will definatly be happy to awnser any questions you may have
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