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Discussion in 'Iowa (IA)' started by zippi, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. zippi

    zippi Registered

    Im new to Des Moines just wanted to know if there are eny good head shops in D.M. or Ames. Thanks Jay:smokin:
  2. D.Boone

    D.Boone Registered+

    i have no idea im sure there is one in desmoines somewhere ames im not so sure about. but shit if all else fails you can always drive to iowa city we got a few good headshops here. :Rasta:
  3. D.Boone

    D.Boone Registered+

    the ganja mon is comin mya way! :Rasta:
  4. johnnyreeferseed

    johnnyreeferseed Registered

    Check out the Smoke Shop at 1918 se 14th st. They have some nice glass there (for tobacco use of course). It's a little pricey, but they're the only ones in town right now.
  5. MillerCS

    MillerCS Registered

    Canton and ETC Treasures in southridge mall are both good as well, nice selection of bongs and shit too
  6. iowa.guy

    iowa.guy Registered

    hey alice nice to see im not the only one trolling around here anymore... these boards are pretty dead nowadays.

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