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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Blow-out, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Blow-out

    Blow-out Registered+

    I realize a lot of these shops are now closed. I'm not interested in any of those legal highs. Or now illegal highs thanks to the 2010 legislation.

    What wondering is there anywhere in the city centre I can purchase a rolling machine, decent bong and a good ol weed car air-freshener and weed merchandise etc.
  2. Blow-out

    Blow-out Registered+

    Anybody??? Anywhere in Dublin just don't wanna make the trip to find there is nothing out there!!!
  3. marxist

    marxist Banned

    hey dude you might want to check out Asha in the stephens green shopping centre, i bought a rolling machine there a few years back, they also did bongs pipes rolling mats and other smoking accessories, its been atleast 4 years since i set foot in the place so im no tsure if its still there with this recesion and all but im thinking it will be, best of luck
  4. ned

    ned Registered+

    Anyone out there know where in Dublin sells the new WISPR Vaporizer?
    Tried phoning a few places and no-one seems to stock them ATM :(
    Any pointers would be much appreciated.

  5. trimmer432

    trimmer432 Registered+

    maybe send them an email, their made here after all. do any of the headshops have a range of vapes?

    btw link for a wispr review?

    and if ops still looking theres nirvana on south william street, fav is that place top of stevens green. moore street is always worth alook.
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  6. ned

    ned Registered+

    Was on the phone to O&B earlier and got there Dublin stockists from them :)
    Two reviews worth reading IMO - 1- WISPR Vaporizer Review | Vaporizer Review Source & 2- WISPR Vaporizer Review - Rating of the Iolite WISPR Vaporizer


  7. kid kush

    kid kush Registered

    @Ned: Does the area Jobstown sound familiar to you?
  8. ned

    ned Registered+

    As in Jobstown, Tallaght, Dublin 24..................???

    It may well do,, but it depends on who it is that's asking TBH...;)

    ..D*** by any chance..?? :jointsmile:


  9. kid kush

    kid kush Registered

    I've heard the name "Ned" from a few guys I know, supposedly this "Ned" has quality stuff. Coincidental that I find a "Ned" on this forum ain't it.
  10. ned

    ned Registered+

    Forgot all about this place..

    Not the same ned unfortunately my friend.. I don't sell my green as i grow just for personal..


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