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Discussion in 'Missouri (MO)' started by shadows slave, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. shadows slave

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    My fiance and I are going on our honeymoon to Kansas City this weekend and were hoping to get a nice souviener for ourselves. Anyone recommend a good pipe (or other nice memorabilia) seller in KC?
  2. halo

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    I think there is this store in a section of town called westport. The store is called It's a beautiful day. I have never been in there but i think they sell pipes and stuff.
  3. scottw225

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    sorry i missed this, in Blue springs, on 7 Hwy, 20 miles from downtown KC, 7th Heaven is the name. Go right on 7 hwy off 70 West, and 2 miles on the left side
  4. quinque

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    There is a really good place on westport called 18+ plus smoke shop. These guys have an awesome deals going on all the time. It is located on 40th on Broaway right next door to Freaks Tatoo Shop.
  5. quinque

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    Its A Dream Smoke Shop

    I found a really nice head shop in KC area. They sell glass pipes, hippie stuff and a great selection of hookahs. It is located 3942 Broadway KC MO 64111 next door to BP Gas Station on 39th and Broadway. Phone number is 816-753-5733
  6. meander

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    Whats up everyone. Myself and fellow glassblowers recently opened a shop, Head Space, on 4254 Troost in Kansas City. Our glass is local KC blown from high quality raw glass materials, unlike some other shops in town that deal in only low-quality imports from china and india. We do custom orders and certain repairs. New tubes and water pipes are in stock.
    So support local glass and local art and check Head Space out....if any thing look into your options before buying cheap imports.
    Theres many options for american glass

    Buy home blown glass
    Head Space on Troost
    4254 Troost
    Kansas City,mo 64110
  7. countbassd

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    anyone that lives in/near st. louis still check this thread? if so - i just moved to st. louis from oklahoma city, and know nobody! i'd love it if someone would hit me up - m0rr0winc on AIM (0's are zeros) or m0rr0winc@aol.com for email. hope to talk to someone soon!
  8. addaminsane

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    in my opinion, the best head shop in kc is main smoke shop @ 3429 main street. The presentation of the store is unique and the store has more options than most people ever want in every head shop category. http://www.mainsmokeshop.com.


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