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Discussion in 'Kentucky (KY)' started by LookingInLouisville, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. LookingInLouisville

    LookingInLouisville Registered

    Hello all. I am new to the Louisville, KY area. Are there any head shops down here? Need a new whip for my vaporizer.

  2. Genuine17

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  3. Dankmike

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    Theres a couple on bardstown road like electric ladyland and gratefull threads, also when your in the area get high and go to cheeba hut and order the white widow sandwich.

    i love cheeba hut.
  4. Newtotheville

    Newtotheville Registered

    Also looking...

    Hey all, I am also new to the Ville and looking...any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  5. AfghanBluegrass

    AfghanBluegrass Registered

    I would say Urban Gift Shop (owned and operated by Afghan Bluegrass) is the best smoke shop in Louisville. Anyone been a customer here yet? We've been growing every since we started about 7 months ago.

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