Head Shops in Miami Raided

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    Miami-Dade police raided 5 head shops yesterday and confiscated $250,000 worth of pipes and bongs. Which is pretty funny because I bought a new pipe yesterday at a head shop in Ft. Lauderdale, 10 miles North of the county line. Guess our cops just aren't as uptight!
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    Sometimes it's more than just the cops though. Everybody says they hate the cops, the pigs, the po-po, whatever you want to call them. But I never hear anyone ever say that they hate the governor, or the lawmakers which are the real enemies. They are the ones that are responsible, they are the ones that make the laws which the cops have to enforce. I guarantee you that there are thousands of cops out there that get high more than you could possibly ever imagine.
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  3. Baker420

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    my state may be different, but head shops are allowed to sell "water pipes, and tobacco pipes" legally.
  4. Stfu its Matthew

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    ebm dont they do drug tests to make sure there are no drugs involved with police officers like maybe them confiscating and taking home.. lol would be awsome to blaze witha cop though i admit a little awquard
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    haha, exactly, i went in a hed shop and asked for that stuff u flavor the weed with and dude pointed to a signb that said if you mention weed you are stupid and should leave because these pipes and accesories are strictly for tobbacco use only,,, thats the magic word, tobbaco
  6. are you kind

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    i went into a head shop and my brother asked if there was a bathroom and the guy (who is a little asian man who is so funny) was like "yea in the back... uh well actually... its for emp.... uhm... yea ok bathroom is back there"

    my brother came back a few minutes later and was like "dude when i was walking back there i noticed a bong sitting on a table with a little grinder full of bud and a half cashed bowl in the bong."

    the guy then gave me a free lighter because i bought two pipes and a pack of cigarettes and proceeded to explain to me that this lighter had a US patent. crazy potheads
  7. Gumby

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    The best is the movie... the cop doesn't know how to use a pipe he blames gets more kids to smoke... dumb cop.

    Drug Paraphernalia Seized In Head Shop Crackdown
    $250,000 Worth Of Drug Paraphernalia Seized
    Crackdown Dubbed: "Operation Up In Smoke"

    CBS4 News) DORAL Immigration and Customs officials are showing off the results of a massive crackdown on South Florida head shops.

    ICE special agents served federal search and seizure warrants at nearly half a dozen shops, and seized 5,500 items of drug paraphernalia worth more than more than $250,000.

    The warrants were served at Smaya Smoke Shop, 1419 Washington Avenue; Bamboo Cigars, 1339 Washington Avenue; Shisha International, 1225 Washington Avenue; Aladdin Gift Shop, 857 Washington Avenue and High Tide Tobacco, 9814 South Dixie Hwy.

    Many of the items are disguised as everyday items such as highlighters, pagers and women's lipstick, which make it easy for kids to hide the paraphernalia from their parents. The highlighter, for instance, actually has a tip on one end, and the other end is a pipe used to smoke marijuana or crack cocaine.

    "These shops sell a dangerous lie about drugs and drug use," said Jesus Torres, special agent-in-charge for ICE in Miami. "It is obvious they want people to think its okay to take drugs. This is simply unacceptable."

    This seizure is as a result of Operation up in Smoke, a continuing ICE Miami initiative launched in Dec. 2003 designed to identify and prosecute businesses that illegally import, manufacture, and distribute drug paraphernalia in South Florida.

    Since the inception of this initiative, ICE special agents have served approximately 25 federal search warrants, seizing more than 85,000 items of illegal drug paraphernalia worth more than $2 million.

    No arrests have been made.

    Additional search and seizure warrants are anticipated as this operation is a top priority for ICE. The sale of drug paraphernalia is a violation of U.S. federal laws.

    These seizures were made with the assistance of the Miami Beach Police Department.


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