Head Shops in NoVA?

Discussion in 'Virginia (VA)' started by ACosmicVillain, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. ACosmicVillain

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    I'm looking for a head shop in NoVA (preferably in the Fairfax/Burke/Springfield area) that ISN'T the infamous "Convenience Store" or Lee's Market. Anyone know where I can find papers and pipes?
  2. OreO

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    Nope... you have to either go south to stafford or north to Baltimore....those are the closest areas. Convience Store has some nice pieces tho...
  3. binger

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    Charlie Browns Store

    It's not 'in the neighborhood', but Charlie Browns Store is just across the WV border, in Charles Town, WV. They have a good selection, including some vaporizers (I bought my Volcano there). I'm not sure if they still carry the Volcano, though, or they just can't keep it in stock - last few times I was there, they didn't have any.

    If you head out Route 7 West, out in Leesburg/Loudoun County to Route 9, and then take Route 9 (Charles Town Pike, I think, but know it's 'Route 9'), you'll come across Charlie Browns Store. It's a small white building, on the right side of the road, shortly after a mid-size bridge. If you hit the 9/340 bypass, you went too far.
  4. Excalibur0428

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    charlie brown's is decent. Was just there last week and about to go back tommorow. Prices a wee bit high, but they get some Phire, Pure, and some other nice glass... They got what you need:)
  5. dolomike

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    In No Va, you're better off going to MD. In Richmond check out either KULTURE or KATRA GALA. If you're in Hampton Roads check out TABOO GLASS in newport news.:Rasta:
  6. 14UFCMMA

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    Theres a place in manassas, northern va. Its called Tobacco Zone. They have some nice pipes and bongs there. I got a bong for about $20, works pretty well but going back there soon for a glass one.
  7. wooderson420

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    Dragon Song Records in Manassas, nice throw back head shop, but just pipes and papers, mainly metal and wood pipes, not much glass.

    He also has a TON of rare vinyl and CDs if you are in to music. Guy that runs the place is laid back, just remember his stuff is for tobacco use only!
  8. hallucinoJEN78

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    A new head shop opened up on Cary Street in Carytown in Richmond. They've got bongs, pipes, and hookas. I know it isn't in NoVA, but it is a little closer than going to W. VA or to any other state.

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