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Discussion in 'Missouri (MO)' started by fourierman2, May 17, 2006.

  1. fourierman2

    fourierman2 Registered

    Anyone have any suggestions?
    google and yellowpages didnt bring anything up..lol

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Chucky76

    Chucky76 Registered+

    check around the loop, there is sunshine daydream, and a few others.
  3. johnny cottonmouth

    johnny cottonmouth Registered+

    go to eclipse or area 51 down hwy 30. probly go to eclipse bc rumor has it that area 51 buys used pipes then cleans them and resells them. dont know if its true but thats what iv heard.
  4. schwagster

    schwagster Registered+

    Go to inhale on north lindbergh, the ladies real nice there and will sell to anyone, sunshine daydream blows
  5. mad5387

    mad5387 Registered+

    Smoke shop at rock road and fee fee, Yorkshire plaza. Sorry no more spectrum or high street.
  6. hemp69

    hemp69 Registered+

    yea they do. i bought a nice glass green pipe and there was hella resin in it still.
  7. wildcat99

    wildcat99 Registered

    The best (as in the best value for the least money) is on the corner of Grand and Delor in South City. The place is fairly new- within the last 6 months. I forget the name, but you cannot miss it. Way better stuff than the overpriced BS at Sunshine and you do not have to drive all the way to inhale if you live in the city.
  8. sweet island

    sweet island Registered

    theres a flea market on st. charles rock road that has a few "stores" in it that sell all kinds of shit. i got a really nice sherlock bubbler there for $60 and a decent bowl for $25.

    there is also a place on chippewa...i forgot what its called.
  9. zsneezy

    zsneezy Registered

    well in the loop; there is sunshine which i feel is a bit overpriced, there is tnt which is "family" owned and operated- they have some pretty nice stuff, but the mainstage of pipe shops in the loop is the Tobacco Emporium.

    On a side, but related note, i think that the Emporium sells acrylic water pipes, but does anyone else know of shops that also sell acrylic waterpipes?
  10. xlz916

    xlz916 Registered+

    Thought I wold add:

    There is a guy that sells homemade glass pipes on the Loop in Saturday and Sunday morning. Been thinking about getting one... It's a nice old dude that sells em.

    If anyone knows the Loop area it's across the street from the St Louis Bread Co on Delmar.
  11. Phaze1

    Phaze1 Registered+

    Dominicks really good with his glassware and he's just tight to talk to(guy in the loop). Then the Emporium in the loop has also very cheap priced shit too, and TnT has Very nice glass(in the loop also)
  12. xlz916

    xlz916 Registered+

    Hey Phaze1.

    Good to see a fellow StL guy -- any way you could pm me?
  13. thomasskull666

    thomasskull666 Registered+

    Ya theres a dude that stands near Ciceros named Nick who has some killer pipes. I bought a sweet ass spoon from him for $18 and its fuckin sweet.
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  14. xlz916

    xlz916 Registered+

    Really? Dude I live right by Cicero's and have never seen this guy!

    You a StL guy too I guess. Don't be a stranger! :)

    Check out my IM info if you want!
  15. MoMomma

    MoMomma Registered

    ME TOO!!

    Hi peoples. I know this post is old as fuck, but I'm hoping no one has forgotten it! I live in the blasted county and there ain't shit for shinola out here. I know about the 2 shops on the loop, and found another out in North county in St. Charles. None seem to satisfy my needs! I guess I'm picky!

    So, if anyone knows any other shops, and the freakin names and locations, lol, please post more info!! I need to find a good shop!

    Bump bump, hope this thread goes to the top and I get a clear answer! PeAcE!
  16. jake311

    jake311 Registered

    Hypnotized in Hazelwood

    Check out hypnotized in hazelwood, they got good shit.
    Also, anyone knwo if any of the shops in/around st. louis sell spice gold or chillxxx or any other of the legal herb blends that actaully mess you up?
  17. sweetnuts

    sweetnuts Registered

    hypnotized is actually in florissant, i live right by it, but i wouldn't go there to buy a pieace, i think their over priced
  18. quinque

    quinque Registered

    There is one smoke shop in Kansas City area that I know is awesome place. These guys have deals going on all the time. It is located on broaway(40th) in the westport area.
  19. redsox7379

    redsox7379 Registered

    Best smoke shop in st. louis

    The best smoke shop in st. louis is in St. Peters MO right off of Mexico road. It's called The Shop and they have the biggest selection and their prices kill everyone elses!!

    I think their address is 4119 Mexico Road.
  20. tharocket

    tharocket Registered

    Still selling on Delmar?

    Does that guy still sell pipes across the street from Bread Co. on Delmar?

    I saw his stuff one time-fantastic prices for some really unique pieces

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