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Discussion in 'Vermont (VT)' started by CosmicCharlie, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. CosmicCharlie

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    I experienced a tragic loss a couple months back, my beautiful bong was taken away by the police. I had just updated it with the sweetest glass-on-glass diffusing downstem. But alas, shit happens. So I am looking forward to getting a new piece. I don't know a lot about all of the name brands of bongs but I've smoked out of illadelphs, roors, toros, hmm and I'm not sure what else. Basically I want a nice glass bong with some sort of tree percolating action going on, ice chamber, ash catcher, the whole bit. Any suggestions on a brand? Or a headshop in New England (I'm from mass)? I'm am open to anything, I just wanted to do some research before I dropped a bunch of money. Any adivce will be appreciated!
  2. purplekush989

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    i dont know of the names of the places specifically, but there a number of great headshops in burlington. I think there's even one where they blow the glass in front of you and cuztomize it.
  3. stinkyattic

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    The Underground, Brattleboro VT- Convenient location downtown, average selection, high prices
    Phat Stuff, Winchester NH- A little out of the way but very good selection of mid to high end pieces, and reasonable prices, easy to get to from the University and the general tri-state area.
    Northern Lights, Enfield CT- Best selection and prices I've ever seen, period. Nothing but smoking products; they are a true head shop.
    Vibrations- Enfield, CT- Keep on truckin' down the street to Northern Lights instead. Unless you want to buy a vibrator.
  4. WizzleWazzle

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    if you feel like making the trek up to burlington you could check out the Bern Gallery, they will let you customize it, and they do the glass blowing right there and everything, theres also another place that I believe is called good times that you could check out, but ive visited the bern gallery on a few occasions and they have some very unique bongs, best of luck!
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  5. Shovelhandle

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    There are a couple of good glass shops on Church St., Burlington also a Good Times shop with head shop stuff and porno, vibrators. There's also a Good Times in St. Albans, Vt. I'm sure there are places in your part of Mass though. Where abouts are ya?
  6. LarryBirdz

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    go to hidden treasures off of Mass Ave across from Berkelee
  7. Funkmaster H.O.H.N.

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    Haze Glass Creations, 101 State St in Rutland, VT. They have beautiful glass and good prices.
  8. buddabusa001

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  9. Shovelhandle

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    A Kind Place is cool. I've bought grow nutes from their next door hydro shop.
  10. trancefusion5

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    Got a few thousand $ lying around? Hit up Jason Lee! He lives up around you. Best glass artist ive ever seen, in fact hes my hero!! (Dont say it cost to much till you see his work!) :Rasta:
  11. JoeSmoe

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    The Emporium Smoke Shop in Rutland VT. I know the owner great guy. Call them tell them what you want and if they dont have it they will get it for you.

  12. Shovelhandle

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    Where's that at in Rutland? I'll be driving through there pretty soon.

  13. DeadHeadies

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    I live in Burlington and if you find yourself on churchstreet check out, Good Times Gallery right next to smokejacks restaurant, up the street just a few buildings is Full Tank, i bought my bong there (they always have a good selection), for smaller pieces check out The Hempest (located near city hall park), The Bern Gallery has everything you could need and plus they make glass right infront of you, you can even custom order something and they will make it for you, and hell if you wanted to throwdown the extra cash they'll help you make your own glass. finally Northern Lights which is further down towards the waterfront, never been there personally but i've heard good things...Bern Gallery and FullTank are always making sick deals on bongs though.....Just something to think about
  14. High Plains Drifter

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    The places just listed in burlington are great. Also a bit further south is "All Fired Up" in Barre. And if you're in the Lebanon NH area Un Dun is ok, just don't sit in the parking lot smoking rolled cigarettes and drinking root beer out of glass bottles. The police don't think it's very funny.
  15. Faiakki

    Faiakki Registered

    I agree, Haze Glass in Rutland is a great place to go. Every single piece I've ever gotten has been there. There's also a great place just outside of Portland, ME that I've gone to if you're up that way. It's called the Wake and Bake Cafe (amazing place). Half of it is a restaurant half of it is a head shop. There's a few places in Lebanon, NH too. Basically any place that's a city in New England has at least one head shop.
  16. KingOfBvt

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    in burlington, you have: on church st., full tank and goo stuff. then on main you have the bern gallery(and yes, thats how they spell bern) and northern lights. in barre you have fired up.
  17. tinytoon

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    going to be traveling through Burlington soon and was wondering if anyone would have numbers and hours of operation for head shops there.
  18. strawberrycoff

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    All in Burlington, VT:
    1. Full Tank (cheaper, good deals, nice pipes, great selection...personal favorite)
    2. Bern Gallery (real headie pipes, classy/expensive shit if that's what you're looking for. you can customize your pipes there too and the dude will blow it right in front of u)
    3. Good Times Gallery (pretty nice bongs, moderate prices)
    4. Northern Lights (nice pipes, moderate prices, staff will be able to order anything you're looking for in a bong or w/e piece u desire)
  19. Funkmaster H.O.H.N.

    Funkmaster H.O.H.N. Registered+

    Fire on the Mountain, up on the Killington access road. I haven't been there myself, but I've heard they have great stuff.

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