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  1. Countryboy91

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    Hey I am new and would like to know if weed can help with headaches. I have had the same headache for 2 weeks already. I get no sleep and have been on sick leave for the same time period.
  2. cuzzy1

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    If you have had a constant aching for that long I would go to the E.R, call your primary as well...Good Luck
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  3. Shovelhandle

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    Even up here in the sticks we have a number of Urgent Care Facilities. Some are associated with a hospital and some are entirely private owned but they are available for minor injuries/sickness and cost much less than ER.
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  4. Countryboy91

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    I have gone to the ER and they cannot find anything. So we are going to see a Neurologist today. I am curious to see what he has to say
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