Headshops in Atlanta?

Discussion in 'Georgia (GA)' started by LiquidMagik, May 9, 2006.

  1. LiquidMagik

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    Hi, moving from Texas to Georgia soon, Atlanta to be exact, and was wondering what are some good head shops in the area. Just scouting out some places, so the next time I break my diffusor, I'll know where to go. Thanks!
  2. affytoffy

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    I would suggest that u bring plenty of your supply with you because atlanta is pretty dry. hard to hookup contacts. I would like to know headshops in atlanta myself. but welcome anywayz!!
  3. pharcyde

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    Headshops in Athens

    I don't know what's in Atlanta but there's a shop in Athens on Baxter Street. Yeah it's a haul from Atlanta 1hr, but Athens has some nice dining and partying (UGA, whatd'ya expect?)

    There's also the bong lady shop in downtown Athens (between the grill and the newstand). Nothing but topshelf glassware.

    Other than that, there's a headshop on hwy 78 halfway between Atlanta & Athens. I dont remember the exact location, but they have billboards on 78. It's one of those 'adult novelty' places with lingere, latex, etc. along with the smoke paraphenalia.

    All in all, I wouldn't say than any of them have that great an inventory. Better and often cheaper to stock up on spare parts on-line.

    Hope this helps.
  4. LiquidMagik

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    Thanks y'all. Yeah I broke the damn diffusor on my blue dot, after having it two days, and had to pick up another on Monday. $25, those things aren't cheap! I had heard of 42 degrees by looking through varoius other resources, it sounds like one of the better shops in the area. I'm actually moving a little bit to the northeast of Atlanta, so that puts me a bit closer to Athens. One of the nicer things when I moved to Houston a year ago was all the headshops here. Within a 40 minute drive, I'd have probably 35 shops to choose from. Ahh, but I guess it's all about quality and not quantity. If you guys ever want to smoke, give me a holler. I'm gonna be bringing some headstash over from Texas- smoking on some nice Mexican Haze, Hawaiian Haze, Bizar, and White Widow right now.
  5. LiquidMagik

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    I should be moving in the middle of June, but might get pushed back an extra week.
  6. LiquidMagik

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  7. Budsmoka

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    Hey, Do any of you know where a headshop that sells seeds is ???
    Im looking to buy some good seeds like white widow or bubblelisious or something like that.
  8. luka

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    headshops atl

    hey guys! i no longer live in atl - i really miss the shops now that i am in baltimore.

    42 degrees (in L5P) is my favorite, but i really like nc-17 off cheshire bridge road. you can always find a nice piece at either. 42 degrees is nice because they offer a frequent buyers club card and you get discounts on your birthday! plan a day and shot down 85 or 78 to visit these stores - certainly the best!

    just hit up any inserection or starship adult store - they always have a display.

    happy hunting!

    btw budsmoka - you cant buy seeds from a store in georgia (legally) anywhere. vancouver is very nice tho!
  9. No real 'headshops' anymore in Atlanta area. There are quite a few nice places to procure some nancy glass but thats it. Many are in little 5 points. But the people there, well lets just say, it leaves much to be desired. I wouldn't recommend going at night especially on the weekend. Not alot of crime per say, but alot of bad vibes.
  10. IwontPassOnGrass

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    weeds a lot more expensive here than texas. you wont get a half oz of reggie for $20 here.
  11. DMB4257Heels

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    i moved here after high school cause my dad's job and don't know anyone...how sketchy would it be to ask around for tree at a headshop dowtown...i went to NC-17 on Cheshire Bridge Rd. and bought a grinder and sherlock pipe, the guy who was helping me had to have been baked outta his mind ha...was thinking about asking for some trees but was kinda sketched out but at this point i have no other way!
  12. yesireebob

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    Heels,They are on video cameras and are afraid to say anything in there,I started to and they gave me the shhh.Cheshire bridge has more of a selection than anywhere else.I call it sin alley.I too would like to find some new hook-ups.my oldreliable aint so reliable anymore.
  13. tenaciousb

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    Cheshire Bridge Road my friend.......Cheshire Bridge Road, more headshops, sleezy strip joints/massage parlors, and porn stores than you could shake a stick at!
  14. TriangleSquare

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    I think all that they have listed has been covered so far in this thread, but in the future that might change. Smoke shop directory has some locations of shops.
  15. citric

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    the best one I've seen is Smoke-911 on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs. It's probably the best.
  16. zman0185

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    yeah what he said

    it might be the same as 42 digrees not sure but theres a desent shop in little five point in a store called junkmans daughter also insurection is a nice place to get a quick standby pipe if your in need.have fun happy hunting
  17. 4twentE

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    There's at least one head shop on every damn block in Atlanta. Starship, NC-17, 42 South, Love Shack, Junkman's Daughter. All kinds of places. There's too much reefer floating around to not have hundreds of head shops. There might be a draught about once or twice a year but you can stay stoned with the right hook. Affytoffy just hasn't found it.
  18. TallCoolOne

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    At L5P: 42 Degrees, Cloud 9, and Junkman's Daughter
    Around Atlanta: Insurection, Straship/Galaxy etc.

    I like 42 best ebcause of selection and the birthday half off special.
  19. Metal_Milita

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    There is a great one in the pendergrass flea market. its right inside the front entrance to the left. cheap prices. I got a 1.5 ft bubbler for $7.
  20. stopsnitchin

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    junkmans daughter is right across the street from 42 degrees. along with the birthday discount, dont forget the 4/20 discount at 42 degrees.

    nc17 is a real cool place. back in the day they would let you skate on their halfpipe for free but now you gotta pay. they're open 24 hrs so thats cool. slightly overpriced ( i paid about 10 dollars more for a waterpipe i saw somewhere else.) i give them almost all my business cuz they use to let me skate there.

    starships are everywhere but the only thing I have seen there that is worth the money are the 1/2 off cases. haha

    good luck
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