Headshops in greenville/spartanburg

Discussion in 'South Carolina (SC)' started by xerr0, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. xerr0

    xerr0 Registered

    Hey guys..im just5 lookin for a place to buy a decent size bowl in the spartanburg/greenville area...any ideas for some good headshops?
  2. BobMarley91

    BobMarley91 Registered+

    Theres none in spartanburg i think.
  3. coledog855

    coledog855 Registered+

    Up in Smoke in greenville has the most well made and quality products. Factor 5 in greenville has the best selection of anywhere I've been in the upstate.
  4. DaReD3ViL

    DaReD3ViL Registered

    there are a couple headshops in spartanburg....
    the magic dragon (near westgate mall)
    and i cant remember the name of the other one but it is downtown, been there forever , has graf all over the walls and is run by ex-hippies.
  5. Chillaxed88

    Chillaxed88 Registered

    I'm a little late on this, haha...but in Greenville there's also Smokin' Joe's and Whatever. I believe there's a smokin joe's on poinsett heading out towards Furman. Whatever is on Stone Avenue near the Handlebar.
  6. stupidpooted

    stupidpooted Registered

    so they sale weed in these headshops?
  7. NorthBrook19

    NorthBrook19 Registered+

    The Magic Dragon used to sell after hours, until they got busted by a sting operation. Husband left, wife moved shop over to Greenville. A buddy of mine is still in contact with her. However, NO, they do not sell herb in the shops. Every head shop in South Carolina has undercovers coming in there, and they don't want to risk their legitimate business. Talk to the people that you saw buying a pipe OUTSIDE of the shop, otherwise the owners might kick you out.
  8. h20k9au

    h20k9au Registered+

    Need something?

    The lady who owned the dragon can be found at the old Thunderbird flea market on the Asheville Hwy on the weekends. I just spoke with her today. She has a small assortment to choose from.
  9. BosBudz

    BosBudz Registered

    up in smoke

    i live right around the corner from up in smoke, for real its a 5 minute walk less driving, and its ok. i bought a hammer there a couple weeks ago when i moved here but the dude is a little nervous so i get the impression cops might hassle them sometimes. also i tried to get a female for my 4 footer but they dont do custom parts. anyone know if any of the other shops in the upstate can hook me up on that?
  10. dankstickynugz

    dankstickynugz Registered


    Up in smoke has a wide selection of glass. its prob the best place to get a piece in greenville. Purple haze across form greenville tech has some nice pieces too but not as wide a selection.

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