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Discussion in 'Florida (FL)' started by JBlaze82, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. JBlaze82

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    hey i was wondering if there are any headshops in orlando or outside orlando like near winter park. I would go out and find one but I don't have a car so if anyone could help me out of where their located that would be great:thumbsup:
  2. djscruff

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    I noticed in your other thread "Moving to Orlando" you mentioned you are going to Full Sail. I started at Full Sail in Oct. I dont know if you have noticed by now, since this thread is like a month old, but behind building 3F there is that whole shopping center area. A few stores down from the Albertsons grocery store and Broadway Pizza there is a store called High Society. They sell bongs and pipes there. I dont know if that is what you are looking for, but they give Full Sail students discounts
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  3. xmordeciax

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    i'm coming to Orlando real soon... how easy is it to score bud around there... would i have any luck on full sails campus?
  4. smokinballer

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    G-Spot on Colonial (50) near the Sound Advice store (close to intersection of 436 and Colonial).

    Good store, though it's small.

    FLORIDA MON Registered+


    Hey, I used to live about a mile from Full Sail. It's a world reknowned school.:thumbsup:

    Hit me up when you get into town and maybe we'll grab a brew, next door at the Ale House, and burn a doobski!:jointsmile:
  6. xmordeciax

    xmordeciax Registered+

    Awesome... I'm under 21 so I can't drink but If i can find my way to a computer while I'm there I might just hit you up! Thanks for the friendly post :eek:)
  7. Opie74

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    Hi from East Orlando..

    Shouldn't be a problem hooking up on the Full Sail grounds. I went there and dare I say it, I used to teach there as well.

    It gets a little more difficult once you leave and become a "respectable" member of society. I used to get some GREAT Dutch quality until my sources started having babies and getting drug tested at work and marrying people who weren't herbalists themselves. I'm lucky these days to find an OZ of schwag.

    Enjoy Full Sail, it's served me well. What program are you heading in for?


    PS.. Florida Mon... what kind of beer? I'll get you a keg... :D

    FLORIDA MON Registered+

    Oh, snap!!! Blue Moon with an orange slice. Thanks Opie!

    Maybe we'll get it together in the near future. I used to live about a mile from there but now reside on the South side.

    I hope that you are doing well now that you are no longer with the Full Sail folks.
    I watched that school engulf that whole area around that Albertsons shopping plaza.

    The growth of that school has been quite amazing and it seems to have a pretty good rep as well.
    I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (business travel), picked up a magazine and what was the 1st thing I saw?
    A Full Sail ad. Pretty cool, I thought.

    Speak with you soon.
  9. Opie74

    Opie74 Registered

    Ha! Funny enough I bought my wife a 6 pack of Blue Moon and some oranges over the weekend. I like the dark stuff and keep a keg of Kostritzer (german black lager / schwarzbier) at home, but she's a wheat beer gal.

    I'm away from the FS craziness. I graduated from there 11 years ago, just before it exploded into what it is today. I'm closer to Waterford Lakes than FS these days. I travel in the area of 150,000 miles a year so I stay close to the Airport.

    The ad you saw in KL doesn't surpise me, they have an insane marketing depratment.

    On a side note, I was in KL last Novemebr on business, and if I ever see a squid (the ENTIRE f*&@#n squid) on a pizza again it'll be too soon.

    Take care Mon.
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    FLORIDA MON Registered+

    Hey, I'll be at that Ale House later tonight since a group of friend are NCAA roundball crazy right now and the tourny is in full-swing, fevered pitch!

    I used to log about 75,000 miles a year but that was a few years ago and at a different job. Now I just travel domestic USA and log about 20,000 miles which isn't bad.

    I'll be going to Cali 3 times over the next couple of months and I always have a good time.
    Last summer I was in Newport Beach and was able to hook up at the Rockin Lobster; smoked a doob on the beach as the sun was setting.

    Maybe we'll get it together some time, tilt a brew and smoke a smoke:glugglug: :jointsmile:
  11. SmokinAce23

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    I wanted to go to Ful Sail for their entertainment business program. I dont want to rack up more student loans. But for a shop in winter park. Check out purple ringer on 436 and howell branch rd. Its in the shopping center with big lots and thrift ko
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  12. Audioz0rz

    Audioz0rz Registered

    Galaxy Gifts which is in the Amazon Village indoor flea-market. It's off East Colonial around the Alafaya/East Colonial intersection. Sells some decent pipes.
  13. peble

    peble Registered+

    Full Sail is a easy catch
  14. serviceyourself

    serviceyourself Registered

    you always got mystik right by ucf corner of university and aloma
  15. serviceyourself

    serviceyourself Registered

    its actually university and dean my fault
  16. Towelie

    Towelie Registered+

    Anyone in Orlando partying tonight?
  17. Amsterfan

    Amsterfan Registered

    New Galaxy is the name of the shop on E. Colonial in Union Park. In the strip mall next to Big 10 Tires. Was in there today. Good selection of bongs, pipes, and a few different vaporizers. Prices seem reasonable.
  18. fettvett

    fettvett Registered

    I went to school there for Digital arts. Do they still have that 10% discount at High Society?? Its right off the corner of univesity i think and Semeron. Its in that strip mall behind the 2nd building or whatever.
  19. ProtoJoe

    ProtoJoe Registered

    Yeah, they still give the discount. That whole albersons area is all but gone. High Society is at the strip mall off semeron where china garden and the comic book store.
  20. Cannonball003

    Cannonball003 Registered

    anyone near Disney world?

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