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  1. ThurgoodJenkins

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    Hey I am in the Boston area, but am willing to travel in MA to go to a decent headshop that is not wicked expensive. I know about Buried Treasures and the other two in Boston, but am wondering about any others in the state or N.H. I also know of Cloud Nine in CT, but its a little pricey there. Where did you get your pieces??? Thanks.
  2. JuGgaSmUt

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    I live in Wareham MA. I got mine in Plymouth. Right on main street there is a smoke shop that's got everything. For some reason the smaller pieces are expensive. I was able to pick up my bong for only 40 bucks, and they had a decent selection/
  3. The Piper

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    the hempest man thats a good 1
  4. smiddy

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    in nh there is a store called goodtimes, its not that far off the boarder between mass and nh, is u go onto yahoo or somethin u could probally get directions, its not like the goodtimes in somerville, there pretty cheap and they have a good size selection.
  5. socojoe12

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    in boston there is sugar daddies, and hidden treasures.. the place in plymouth has some nice shit.... like grinders and stuff, but sugar daddies right next to fenway is ur best bet
  6. JamFlowMan

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    theres a place in woonsocket RI right on the MA border called Quick-Mart that sells cheap pieces, all my friends have gotten their bowls ect there
  7. postit

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    Make the drive to RI and you will pay a lot less. RI has many art schools and many glass blowers. I've found prices to be a lot cheaper in most shops in RI. I always go out of my way to go to this place: Ethnic Concepts Smoke Shoppe - glass pipes and smoking accesories
    Its like right off of the highway so its simple to get to. A bit small but tons of nice stuff and cheap stuff is packed into this little shop. If your into really fancy expensive glass this is the place for you.
  8. NuGlass

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    heady glass in cape cod mass

    If you want something better than the imported shit from a gas station in Woonsocket...

    There is a new glass shop in Hyannis that is still somewhat of a secret. At the end of Main Street, tucked in the corner near the old Beech Tree, you will find Morrison Glassworks. A family-friendly storefront leads you to a back room containing a sweet selection of heady glass, all made right there in the studio. They do custom orders, too. Watch him make your bowl!

    This guy sells his work to head shops in Boston, Providence, Northampton, VT and CT. The sticker prices are lower than you'll see anywhere else for this quality glass (and they're usually down to haggle). Anyone who knows heady glass knows that this is the shit.

    WELL worth the drive from Boston or Providence.
  9. purplehaze11

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    in new hampshire in north conway there is headlines which is definitely one of the best head shops ive seen
  10. URhIgh

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    woonsocket is a shit hole, i grew up in the next town over and trust me there's nothing there. If you go to providence there are a couple good shops, RISD is right in providence so there are a lot of artists and glassblowers. Watch Your Head is a good shop off manton avenue, just five minutes off of I-95. Also, twice a year Watch Your Head has a buy one get one free sale, which is pretty sweet

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