Health hazards with indoor lights

Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by Shawn Prada, Oct 29, 2017.

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    I'm wondering about the health hazards of being under high powered LED lights for many hours per day. Because I know it certainly can't be very good.
    Have there any suggestions on precautions I could take? Just something I would like to know more about. Thanks
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    Unless they produce UV-c there is little serious danger.
    I wear shades because our eyes are less sensitive to the ends of the visible spectrum, (red and blue), so our iris may not contract enough to protect the retina.
    For inspection, they get switched to white light, at least once a day, for a short health scan.
    There's no mercury vapor involved, No UV, (unless they add it), in which case it is UV-a or b, so not a worry.
    For the plants health, there is no radiated IR, no far red either, (again, unless added by clueless vendors) :)
    No burn danger like HPS and MH, both of wich contain toxic vapors.
    And besides the mercury vapor in CFL, the phosphors are also toxic and require special disposal.
    All in all, LEDs are the safest light you can use.
    And, in my humble opinion are far superior to all others in efficacy, safety, and cost of use, when used properly.
    I base that on facts and experience of course. :)
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