Health Warning: Meth Adulterated Weed in Portland Hempstalk

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    Well folks I hadnt been to a pro pot rally down in OR since the drive to medicinalize it in the late 90s, and I decided to make the drive to Hempstalk this year. I was appalled. It was mostly drugged up kids (and by drugged up I do *not* mean stoned) and angry cops/security/volunteers. There was the usual sketchy stuff like a ton of "Molly" being offered, edibles being sold willy nilly to minors, and then there was the newer scourge - all those coop booths that were selling individual doses of hash oil made with contaminated butane (Power 7x, Vector 5x were the two named by the various coops as being used, both of which are highly impure - dont believe me? Do a clean plate test), which always makes me mad bc bho is supposed to be medicine, not toxic industrial lube.
    But none of that is what Im here to warn about: Someone (I suspect a minor) came to me and offered to trade me the last half of his gram sack that he had acquired there in Hempstalk in exchange for some chips. Disapproving of minors in possession without a license, I quickly agreed to relieve him of it. That was the end of it for a few days, the baggy went into my pocket and I forgot about it, since I have no use for it anyways; I only vape hash oil. When I discovered it again going through my pocket (days later - lol stoners), I noticed it was covered in hard white loose crystals, the size and shape of table salt. I figured it was likely salt but there was so much of it and it was smooshed into the bud, so out came the marquis reagent. I separated out some crystals, applied the marquis, and BAM - bright orange instantly, quickly to brown over 60 seconds: Pure, high grade, methamphetamine.
    Now, the crystals of meth were very visible, and I am glad whoever did this didnt dissolve and then soak the herb, as that would be invisible. The baggie it came in was clear in front and had a field of blue on back with a repeated golden crown logo. The weed was well developed but not very sticky. Please beware of this branding and any suspect pot, Portlanders. I must say I am extremely disappointed - this is not the responsible pro-pot scene I saw during the push to medicinalize over a decade ago. This is a busted scene, with the dispensaries selling dangerous contaminated hash and the street sellers selling kids methed up cheap weed. Truly sad, and needless to say: I'll be attending neither Hempstalk nor the current shady Portland coops again unless all you responsible Oregonian patients can swing the tide back to safety and responsibility.

    View image: 1 This shows test. Its gone mostly light brown at this point ~45 seconds in, but you can see the corners are still orange. It was originally bright orange, after ~30 seconds turned brown, after 1 minute was the darkest brown.
    View image: 2 This shows the back, the blue background and shine from cellphone really obscures the logo, but its gold crowns (you can just barely make out their shape

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