hear ye hear ye orlando smokers unite.

Discussion in 'Florida (FL)' started by thewazzle, May 12, 2007.

  1. thewazzle

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    What up Orlando area smokers. I believe that the Orlando area smokers need a place to get to know each other. I do not know many myself, so i hope to meet a few here. If ya want to unite leave some messages and we can figure something out. If ya just want to talk about shit in the area do the same. I will end this thread in the words of my fore-fathers. Peace out yall!
  2. nixon69

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  3. ScarlettCrush

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    I'm always up for a tupperware party. Lets see if a brave supplier will come give home demo's, I'll bring dorito's and cash! :cool:
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  4. nixon69

    nixon69 Registered

    quote: I'm always up for a tupperware party :D :D
  5. thecreator

    thecreator Registered+

    Lets chill Tampa extending an olive branch.................We can unite for a tokers coalition.
  6. ScarlettCrush

    ScarlettCrush Registered+

    1. they might be monitoring the boards, but I'd like to think they have better things to do with their time since most of the "growers" and "providers" who are wide open about it on the net are also pretty much full of shit. Real folks are real cautious when they have real things to lose on a bust.

    2. of course I asked a provider to come out, what a great way to meet a bunch of new and cool clientele. it's not much more risky meeting online than on the street or in a head shop.

    3. this hobby is a risk, been worth it so far. ;)
  7. thecreator

    thecreator Registered+

    yea I dont give a fuck who knows I grow. I dont have a large opp but its still a few plants that a friend and I have going.Everything i've given the site can't be traced back to me well if the laws of the internet are upheld.
  8. nixon69

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  9. cannabistoned

    cannabistoned Registered+

    sup ya'll

    :smokebong:chillin in the high hills of lake mary...
  10. nixon69

    nixon69 Registered

    when will be the first meeting looool??
    first to get there :D
  11. ScarlettCrush

    ScarlettCrush Registered+

    did someone post their phone number in this thread or was I hallucinating??

    btw, I did cop some chronic recently............it's all good here in my crib! :smokin:
  12. WinterSpringsJan

    WinterSpringsJan Registered

    I would love to get together at some point. How about a Happy Hour sometime somewhere mid point for all. Winter Springs here.
  13. Oh My High

    Oh My High Registered+

    I'm going to be meeting all of you in... about eleven months... mark thy calendars!
  14. sezzyg

    sezzyg Registered

    *Revives Orlando Smokers* Yo! Also from Lake Mary, just got back into the area.
  15. Towelie

    Towelie Registered+

    casselbery here always down to meet some new folks just moved here not to long ago.
  16. otowntoker

    otowntoker Registered

    Waterford/UCF smoker here im always down
  17. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Or, 'REAL' growers care enough about everyone being able to grow their own medicine to want to share their methods openly and freely.
    Think about that one. As long as we cower in fear, real change will never happen. If you do what you believe is morally right, and enough people do it with you, the lawmakers will eventually be forced to listen. It's the foundation upon which the concept of civil disobedience is built.
  18. princessd

    princessd Registered

    haha, someone should start a meetup.com group or something.
  19. THEEcam420

    THEEcam420 Registered

    ay im back for winter break, stayin right near sand lake and international, anyone trying to get down to smoke a blunt tonight?
  20. Annabiscay

    Annabiscay Registered


    has anyone been to any recent meetups?
    met anyone from this site?
    personally i have met two supercool peeps but one moved away...

    i don't really know of any local groups but the college NORML.
    anyone fancy the UCF chapter, is it public or student or even active?

    am i just asking retarded questions?
    bump me.

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