hearing voices while stoned

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Dream of the iris, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Dream of the iris

    Dream of the iris Registered+

    This just recently started happening to me and it's a little unerving since I know so much about schizophrenia. I want to know if anyone else here experiences this and is quite sane. It ONLY happens while I'm stoned, so I'm NOT SCHIZO and have no history of mental illness in my family. It's only voices, not delusions or paranoid beliefs or anything like that.
  2. Me.

    Me. Registered+

    Distinct words and sentences? Or just a jumbled mess?
    You are in an altered state of mind when you are high so your mind could just be playing tricks on you. Some people report hallucination's when they are high so auditory hallucination's couldn't be that much out of the ordinary.
    If I may ask, what are they saying??
  3. Dream of the iris

    Dream of the iris Registered+

    No, just a jumbled mess. They're not saying anything really. Nothing discernible anyway. Just to throw this out, weed does make me more sensitive to spiritual and psychic energies, especially since I've started doing yoga and meditation. So it might actually be spirits. Dunno, just a thought.
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  4. Zonyc

    Zonyc Registered+

    I can relate. Everytime I'm blazed, no matter where I am, i hear thumping in my head, but never when i'm sober. I'm thinking it's just my mind reorganizing my thoughts of the day, although I'm sure that I'm just bsin my self :)
  5. FluidS

    FluidS Registered+

    sometimes i see shit after i take big hits and/or when i'm really high. it's kind of like a lack of vision in certain spots but they look like they are actually there. first post btw!
  6. beachguy in thongs

    beachguy in thongs Registered+

    Maybe, you have thin walls.
  7. Dream of the iris

    Dream of the iris Registered+

    Maybe, but I dunno I don't think that's it.
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  8. Kai as a kite

    Kai as a kite Registered+

    Are you in the same spot everytime it happens? It sounds pretty nuts. Not crazy nuts, but off the chain cool nuts. Maybe you're just hearing neighbours or something. Go share a bowl, and use some sort of visual aid (lava lamp, something shiny, etc.) to distract them while you go back to your place and enjoy your session in peace.
  9. Dream of the iris

    Dream of the iris Registered+

    It gets worse at my house. I think I have ghosts and I'm not kidding. I can actually feel the presence of something in this house. It's not a bad spirit or anything, in fact I think it's good, but I dunno. I might have attracted some spirits when I experimented with Out of body experiences's a while back, but I don't want to turn this into a spiritual discussion.
  10. weedmant

    weedmant Registered+

    I also hear the thumping myself. but then i realize its probably just my heart beat. but i dont know it sounds cool when im blazed. :jointsmile:
  11. Forwhat420

    Forwhat420 Registered+

    i hear voices sometimes when im smoking some good sativa..it scared me at first but now im used to it. also see things sometimes that are not there. i been smoking a long time though and it just started happening when i got back from iraq.
  12. bigtymer13

    bigtymer13 Registered

    that shit happens to me all the time but i think i lost my mind so i cant really say its the bud but i dunno
  13. Dream of the iris

    Dream of the iris Registered+

    Like only when high, right?

    And guy from Iraq, did you see some crazy shit there?
  14. M1K3

    M1K3 Registered+

    As long as the voices are not talking about you, there should be nothing to worry about.
  15. robo scat

    robo scat Registered+

    Find something to distract yourself from thinking about them. Don't worry about it at all unless it gets worse.
  16. Nailhead

    Nailhead Registered+

    That's kind of weird, I don't believe in ghosts but only because I haven't personally had any experience with that kind of stuff, but I do know of people that have had experiences and they don't seem crazy...so...maybe it is a ghost?

    Now being an atheist I'm not much of a ghost wizz, but I would assume ghosts don't come and go, they just stay there, so it seems weird it just started happening recently, making me think it's probably with you...not casper. Do you hear them in certain places of your house, or away from your house? When did you start hearing these sounds? Have you had any recent tragedies, like someone close to you dying, moving away, or anything that would cause you to be severely depressed or something?
  17. Dream of the iris

    Dream of the iris Registered+

    No, nothing tragic. It is stronger in my house then anywhere else and I really haven't done any experimenting with it as I've stopped smoking for a while. It might just be noises that my brain is interpreting as voices (as they really aren't clear cut voices) that's one possibility too. And I've read that ghost can just show up if they're attracted to your aura.
  18. TheGreatBenzino

    TheGreatBenzino Registered+

    I have never expierence this or been with someone who has expierence this.... It would be pretty fucked up!
  19. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    Ive experienced somewhat similar to this... i live alone, in a very quiet place, so i basically live surrounded by silence. And so, my mind also is usually silent.
    But when my parents come to visit me, there was, of course, a great deal of talking, noise, and so.
    Well... after they leave, whenever i smoked i would "hear" their voices into my head, as if their voices were still there, echoing... fortunately, after some time they left, the silence of my house seemed to take it over again, and my mind come back to its silent ways.
    And i noted that when i go to a party, or some noisy place, when i smoke after it i hear the sounds of the place into my mind...
    In my own experience, they are just my mind re-playing the sounds i heard before... Or, as the weed increase the senses, the voices i hear are from some TV of some neighbour, or from someone in the street... but it doesnt rule out the possibility of ghosts in your case... :eek:
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  20. Dream of the iris

    Dream of the iris Registered+

    Yeah I hear that too. Like if my friends were over at my house and I was stoned, I would hear them talking in my mind. It's really strange.

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