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Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by emeraldcalm, Oct 7, 2005.

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    About a year ago I began to hear voices and have visual hallucinations. Sometimes I don't recognize the voices and other times they will identify themselves to me or I will automatically know who they are because they are old friends. I have these hallucinations sober and sometimes when i am high. I speculate that i am having these hallucinations because i have become extremely isolated within the last year.

    The voices are the most disturbing part of this. I have heard the voices of people who in real life told me they are psychic or demonstrated magical abilities. I have also heard my little sisters voice, who is young and i doubt that she has mastered these powers. I am wondering if the voices I hear are the actual peoples voices that they say they are. If they are, are they people consciously making their voice sound in my head? If not how is this happening? And if they aren't the people they say they are is there like some evil demon or some type of spirit trying to deceive me.

    I don't buy that I am schizophrenic. I have vivid dreams and these voices and visions are just a real as any dream.

    If anyone could give me some information to help in understanding these things I would be so grateful.
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    I used to have these experiences for years....let me give you a tip though, anti-psychotics are not effective at stopping them. Anti-psychotics make you so sleepy u cant do anything. On top of that they make it worse!
    Its your own mind playing tricks on you. Learn to focus your mind..

    If you suspect that youre being harassed by spirits it may be useful to learn protective magics. Or if youre christian..umm...hell i dont know what christians do any more haha :cool:
  3. Euphoric

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    Cannabis helps raise your "psychic energy" or "mana" whatever you want to call it...spirits love to feed from it. So do the living though usually when someone is feeding from you its a subconcious act..
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    occam's razor (you probably are schizophrenic look it up your describing one of the MANY forms perfectly.....)

    Euphoric I respect you but seriously your talking about "magick" esoteric , enochian or what have you yet in all reality there is zero evidence any of that works. It's the same as well praying for healing. I realize there is more to humans (telepathy telekinesis etc) but these things have physical evidence and have been recorded and studied by objective means. No one's done that for magick yet (lots have tried all have failed, except for a one Sai baba however he even says himself its not magick or anything but just something he can do thus its not magick as their is no ceremony,ritual etc etc).

    If magick exists in all probability using the above (occams) would probably mean its not some invisible force (like most mystical writings show) but psychic power of some sort which we havent witnessed on more than a rare occasion. (please people do not confuse psychic power with fantasy creatures and fancy showy powers like xmen anyone who's reading this,look up the KGB and CIA files from the cold war instead, the majority are declassified :)...)

    Also check out what Hitler did to everyone with any remote mystical connection or claimed psychic power etc ;). There's plenty of evidence but lets stick to the things with actual evidence :).
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    Listen to the voices you hear.

    When I was driving up a rural-road called "Widow Susan Rd." (actually I was the passenger, my friend was driving), a cemetary was cut-out in a wooded area and over it, near the back, I saw flashing lights (red, white, blue (no pun intended)), each bigger than the biggest statue in the cemetary, flashing all at once, blending together, and making a green-imprint in my mind.
  6. death of sXe

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    UgH what a sad way to experience life..
    thats all i have to say
  7. tylerkane

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    My brother had the same problem.
    He tried to kill himself...
    good times
  8. weirdo79

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    Wow sXe you think that because I dont believe in magical fairies and every legend or story that comes along that I lack "life" ;)(thats an exaggeration so you can see the nature of your claim). Dont worry I'm fine , I've seen what people call ghosts (can't say what they are as I have no evidence then seeing something I can't explain). But me claiming to know what it is would be just stupid. So if thats a sad way to live life so be it. I like to know something before I believe in it.

    And , yes its sad to believe in the factual miracles and foibles out there nevermind the things with no evidence....If I make a story about invisible pink flying unicorns it doesnt mean they dont exist but until I see one I'm PRETTY sure it PROBABLY doesnt exist. If you'll notice despite your surface level interpretation of me in your short retorts ;), I dont believe in absolutes however I do believe in occam's razor, yes. If the fridge door squeaks id rather KNOW through investigation its from metal corroding over time rather than just believe in "fridge door goblins".....once again sorry if this seems like a "sad" or "unspiritual" life :rolleyes: but id rather be able to stop the squeak thanks. I read every book on the occult I can its an incredibly interesting subject (as is religion on the whole) does this mean I have to subscribe to things without evidence to lead a full life (whatever that is) ...nope.

    I disagree with your point(in a few threads ;)) you've got a small rejoinder with an insult but no counter evidence...whats with that? I like ya , do I get ya steamed or something because we dont "agree". The guy describes classic schizophreniac symptoms and says but I know its not schizophrenia im sorry its like me drinking a 24 a day and saying "I dont have a drinking problem". The evidence says otherwise thats all I'm saying. There are strange weird things out there but lets stick to things that have a shred of evidence (and arent already explained by science as biological reactions...).

    This is just like your PWNED response earlier you probably didnt even read the entire thing did you?, nor research the topic at hand. Please if you disagree with me fine , but dont come up with personal attacks based on your conclusions drawn from the fact that I like factual information...it's simply absurd. Try countering it with evidence or even personal experience at the very least. Please!

    Sorry sXe I find your topics interesting I just wish you'de get more involved in them I find you to be an interesting fellow. (and of course hopefully others would be more involved but I can't control anyone ;), I love the Esoteric traditions and "magick" as whole its an interesting idea but anything but theorizing on it is silly without evidence). So discuss away but dont think im closed minded just because I dont believe it works I just dont see evidence of it so AS OF NOW I dont ;).

    And thats how science works :) (I know all of you already know but I couldnt help myself)

    Damn you sXe now I've rambled too long and my doobs out! (shakes fist) Re-light's yuck.....reroll! And , believe me sXe I have nothing but respect for Euphoric I just dont particularly believe in whatever tradition he ascribes too (if any of course :) ). If he cast a spell in my presence that did even the simplest thing (that couldnt be explained by things we know like telepathy and telekinesis etc, proven miracles) I would be the loudest proponent of its truth. (I'de also beg euphoric to teach me as ID LOVE more than ANYONE I think to know real magick, I've been obsessed it with my whole life, its as I said before fascinating!)

    Sorry for the sarcasm too , im bad for it :( , im all baked now and feel kind of bad about it but I'm not going to erase it as It's already been said (to me at least).

    (never leave your fiance alone in your house well you go to work its boring ya know....but at least im baked! ;))
  9. weirdo79

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    Holy crap I wrote an essay.....sorry he he I told you I was bored....
  10. death of sXe

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    Okay well after that post ill not read anymore of what you write! (UNTIL YOU GET AN AVATAR) By the way, I am euphoric!(HES MY SPLIT PERSONALITY) YOU JUST GOT PUNKEd :)
  11. weirdo79

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    So is this your addicted to pop culture references personality? And , in what way would I be punked because I didnt know you came in under a different name? Thats hardly like the show at all ;). I respond to any post thats worthy of discussion and if you want to ignore me because of a lack of an avatar I suppose that will have to be my loss :). Either way my point still stands. (Id definitely say its a split personality though from most of your posts I'd say your definite about things whereas your "euphoric" persona is more grey in the black white area ;) ).

    So is this how you get all the frustration and such out?
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    um... has nobody here taken psychology? hearing voices and odd visual hallucinations after a long period of time in relatively frequent isolation. classic cause of and symptoms of schyzophrenic tendencies, which can get worse it not treated. keeping in mind that "treatment" doesn't necessarily mean the doctors coctail of drugs, mental training excercises such as meditation and focusing practices, staying away from alchohol and any hard drugs, minimizing marijuana use, and constantly reminding yourself that these false images/voices are brain-induced hallucinations. seriously man, the more you convince yourself of magical powers and psychic abilities, the more you'll destroy your grip on reality, and the more frequent these hallucinations will become.
  13. Euphoric

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  14. mrdevious

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    referring to me?
  15. weirdo79

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    He's ribbing us ;) , its a video game term. If you want amusement google evolution of the word newbie in gaming. It's gone from newbie , to newb to noob to nub it's weird. Along with internet slang being about 20 years behind popular culture (such as lame being popular .....not since the 80's valley girl had I heard that before going online, unless referring to someone with a lame limb).
  16. sToNeDpEnGuIn420

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    finally you admit it.
  17. Melton420

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    i guess he did
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    Physcoligists if they can't classify your illness will make one up for you.
    I have to go see the physc soon cuase i got cuaght smoking and I just feel that these are the type of people i don't want to get mixed up with. And I do beleave there is more to the human brain than most people think sometimes when i dream i have realy vivid dreams then in a couple of monthes or so the dream happen. I get this feeling of being here before and like stuff just seems familier sometimes its not like i know whats going to happen its just I've seen it before.
  19. i heard voices when i was little...i'd always hear a man and a woman fighting...and they weren't familiar voices....eventually they faded (about 8 or 9) i was given medication that never helped....upon looking back at it a few years ago (and hearing the stories of how my parents got along) i concluded that they were memories manifestating themselves from my memory and becoming 'voices' that i heard, and of course it would have been my parents fighting when i was in the womb and somehow burried deep within myself....and co ming out years later....i don't have all the answers...but that is my best guess.
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    Man thats some good shit your smokin, when you hear voices thats how you know P

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