Hearing voices

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by emeraldcalm, Oct 7, 2005.

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    Interesting question and answers. I agree with Mindblower as I've taken Zyprexa as well for my "bipolar". I simply hacked my life up and changed myself to a Divine Logic type. You have to imprison the voices and realize you are in possession of dangerous entities. Mine feed on anger and love to reign if I'm pushed too far by evil people with no control. I have a 12" x 14" devildriver (cross) on my back to keep them from it as extra help. Unfortunately sleeping is another story.....cannabis is the only thing to stop the vivid dreams. I have only nightmares about forests, water bodies, violent people/animals and bridges. Or the secret wall panel that always leads to a giant cave of sorts. All my life I have flying ability in dreams so I know what its like to soar, launch included but I suck at landing. These are recurrent through the past and these days I just accept it as my uncontrollable mind torturing me. They are stronger if I don't smoke before bed.

    Commit to good and you will win. What you feed you will become. Learn to suffer and prepare your mental jail cell for the offenders. Welcome to Spiritual Warfare

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