heat in cannabutter slow-cooker

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    Ok, so about the butter inside the slow cooker. Im using pyrex measuring cup inside of a large slow cooker w/ an oven thermometer on the bottom of the slow cooker and one inside the pyrex cup with some test water. The bottom of the pot is getting to near 250 degrees F. The water, however, according to the thermometer (turkey thermometer) is at about 180, atm and rising slowly. So do I want the water at 200 degrees roughly, or the crock pot at 200? Would this eqilibrium of pot at 250 and water at 200 be what I am trying to achieve?
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    Hi TebitEvas

    I like the scientific approach your using in testing the temperatures of both your crock pot base, and the interior of your Pyrex jug before you use the real thing.
    However, there may be a slight flaw in your results. The water your using instead of oil and weed will start to 'boil off' as it approaches 200 degrees fahrenheit, and therefore remain fairly static in temperature (It can't rise much above 212).

    As the boiling point of any oil is far higher than water you'll (eventually) see a far higher temperature in the jug, although not as high as the crock pot base.

    I'd suggest giving it another go using an oil (any cooking oil, but preferably the one you intend to use for consumption), and see what differences you record.
    If you can post back later with your findings, and the make and model of the crock pot your using, that would be great info, and useful all round.

    Cheers and good luck :thumbsup:

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