heat stress?

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    E-specific medium huh?
    CSL-Soil type/brand- miracle grow moisture control
    SCL-Anything you have added to the soil-per lite
    SCLR-Soil or slab runoff pH- was very low at 6.2 but i fixed it today and got it up to 6.8
    E-Water source-sink and let it sit for 24 hours
    E-Source water pH around 7.2 after corrected
    E-Age of plant- about 2 months
    E-Type of fertilizer-fox farm
    E-Rate of application (if hydro, this is your PPM number, preferably after each component is added)-every other watering
    E-Lighting source and distance from plant- 2 inches, 4 24 watt cfls
    E-Air temperature (both day and night if you are running a dark period) stays in high 80s
    E-Air % Relative humidity- 40 to 50
    E-Lighting schedule-12/12
    E-Type of ventilation your room has
    fan blowing air out and i open the door every day

    okay, well at first i thought it was heat stress(which it may have been at the time) but now the leaves look wrinkly and a little dried out and all the tips are brown, so i checked Ph and it was way too low and i thought it could b phosphorous and magnesium deff so i put in bat guano and Epsom salt. also when i checked runoff Ph is was in the low 6s so i flushed with 7.2 water with Epsom salt in it to raise it to 6.8 runoff. is there anything more i can do so my plant doesn't die?!?!? heres some pics

    oh yea and some of the tips looked like they had a darkish tint so thats why i thought it was a phosphorous deff.

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    Flush it again, VERY WELL, with plain tap water at 6.7 and NO EPSOM SALT! You've scorched them, between pre-ferted soil, regular ferts, and epsom salts, and the heat will definitely make the symptoms show worse.
    Use the flushing/pH instruction stickied at the top of the problems section. You've gotta get that extra magnesium out of the soil pronto. There's another trhead going in the problems section (prettykitty) with the exact same issue.
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    Damn, i knew i was gonna b the #1 prob:wtf:...alright thanks for the quick reply so i can hopefully save it
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    ok, i flushed again so hopefully it will show signs of recovery tomorrow, i didnt have any water that had been sitting out so i had to use sink water, will the chlorine effect it any??

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