heating methods for synthetic urine?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by samuelaaron, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. samuelaaron

    samuelaaron Registered

    Had my first interview and I used the enclosed disposable heating pad and I don't actually have to drop until monday. So now I have a bottle but no way of heating. Anyone have any tips to get the temp between 90-100F? (no microwave)

  2. Burnt Toast

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    Heating pads can be bought at most hunting, camping & sports shops. Or check Wal-Mart in the same section.
    Sold as "handwarmers" :thumbsup:
  3. 420kidder

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    I donno man, be careful. I passed my test with flying colors. The heating pad that I received had japanese or chinese writing all over the plastic packaging. Plus it was more thin than say the average hand warmer. You don't want it to get too hot. Sorry for not offering advice, I'm not sure what you can do.
  4. Zimzum

    Zimzum Registered+

    Wait.. is it already mixxed? If it is you might want to make a new batch on the day you need it, within 8hours you kinda need to use it.
  5. benagain

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    If it's quick fix, then just pickup another pocket warmer from the store.
  6. samuelaaron

    samuelaaron Registered

    do they usually carry those in head shops?
  7. Zimzum

    Zimzum Registered+

    You can get those hand warmers packets in home depot, wall mart, etc. Pick up a little sticky fish tank thermometer at a pet store for the bottle. I use the wizzinater and one of those hand warmers + body heat is plenty.
  8. hazetwostep

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    make sure the temp of it is around 37C (98.6F) and not much higher or lower... i have seen people get busted because the temp of the urine was like 40C (104+F) because there is nothing in your bladder heating the urine above your body temp! if it is too cool the same applies unless you convince them you have AC in your bladder.
  9. dawninthemorning

    dawninthemorning Registered+

    QUICK FIX does not go bad and can be reheated as many times as you need without growing any bacteria, hence the beauty of quick fix!
  10. kknight

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    I put whatever my urine is into a container of hot water (my thermos) to get it up there and then slap the heater on it. I have a thermometor on my device though.
  11. kknight

    kknight Registered+

    I heat my urine first, put in the Wizzinator and then slap the pad on the back.
  12. Jimmyandgirl

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    First time ALS subber, I passed the temp part at 94 degrees. Just a 5 panel, so just hoping my phone doesn't ring...quest. Why are all posts from years ago? Waiting is very stressful. Is it okay to microwave gold shower, cuz I did??????? Help?
  13. CO_jking

    CO_jking Registered+

    Note my quick fix Failure thread at PAML labs...in case thats the lab your sample is going to

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