Heavy Bong smoker, trying to switch to Vaporizing. Best Vaporizer??

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Julie Allen, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. Julie Allen

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    I have been smoking for about 10 years several times a day, I grind up my weed and fill a decent size bowl and that is a single hit for me, I usually smoke two bowls like this before or after pretty much anything.
    My cough has been bothering me lately and I have been coughing up phlegm often, so If I'm going to smoke as much as I do I would like to try and be a little healthier about it since these days it is possible. I have smoked a few times out of friends vaporizers, different pens and little cheap portable pieces and unfortunately I feel the way that most people do when smoking out of a cheap vaporizer, like its doing absolutely nothing but wasting my weed.
    I am willing to spend a decent amount if I am sure that it wont be a giant waste of money. Its difficult not being able to test them out, if I could test them out in the store I would most likely walk away spending hundreds i'm sure, but i'm OK with that. I just don't want to waste my money. I mostly smoke at home, other than summer camping trips in which I bring my bong along, so portable would be nice but it isn't a must. I do only have access to getting dry bud so I don't need anything for oil or concentrates.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!
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  2. redtails

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    Get a volcano. Best vaporizer I think. If you want portable you won't get a great hit, but a volcano you can fill a bag and take as big a hit as you want.
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  3. Egzoset

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    Salutations Julie,

    Well i've been dealing with that and much more, until recently that is. My verdict is quick to fall: avoid electric-dry cannabic vapor for starters. It's that simple, at least i can support my bold statement with quite a few arguments accumulated along the years. Though it's usually pointless to review a full inventory of the questions/answers i got on mind along my solitary venture... Of course YMMV, if you're lucky. So, do you feel lucky Julie?...


    It's not just the implementation which is failing consumers with sensitive airways; money can't/won't fix concepts with a fundamental design flaw. Sorry for blowing that bubble! I had some hopes once but i find difficult not to see the limitations now that i've managed successully with them after years of experimentation on a pipe, since Mars 2013 i must add...

    Now that i've realized what i needed to understand there's no way i can be seduced even by venerable devices if that's not providing Inlet Auto-Conditioning. I've made circles around my HerbalAire v2.1 for a couple years and i've tried bags too, etc. That doesn't change what's missing inside and i only found this with butane-operated pipes which are despised for a fear of intoxication, whatever. Yet the fact is i was rendered miserable while i still attempted to use my HA last month and in comparison i'm now very satisfied with my fate today, because i've started having enough control to enjoy playing with my tokes again. That's something i hadn't benefited from in months, consecutively to multiple episodes of apparent allergy-related over-exposure or something; consecutive to my frequent experiments, etc., etc.


    Then recently i came back from Montreal with a trivial metal bit, so it seemed, though once installed in the core this artifact turned the perspective around!

    Because i had no hope in face of an electric-dry dominated market but finally my last attempt to adapt the pipe gave me the operating margin i required. It's sort of an Epiphany at last! And the ritual + burst consumption mode just works great for me as i was a former smoker myself: it provides some pepper-like kick on occasions that i don't dislike... On the contrary.

    Yet vaping never cause me to experience body feelings in apprehension of a session yet to come. Instead if i'm not careful i'll get my skin irritated by mere proximity and especially while grinding. Now that's still triggering rafale sneezing but i've discovered strong gum as a temporary cure that only delays the reaction if i dare abuse too much.

    Electric-dry scenarios induced lung "depression" in the end, my pipe erased much of this and sent me back in a time when i could enjoy that vape similarily to a musical instrument. Briefly put if you're this type of person then now could be a good time to reflect on serious eventual trade-offs, but smoking is definitely a bad idea no matter what as it's costly because half the goodies get used like vulgar charcoal in hope to inhale whatever remains of the other half!


    Plus, please consider your future vaporist tool will define your future consumption model as well. For example my HA balloons gave me an impression of "locomotive" syndrome much too often, because it shines in groups perhaps but proved wasteful otherwise. Worst, the more i tried to find a solution the more i was becoming sensitive the less i managed to inhale efficiently the more this felt frustrating, because of the lung work involved and many vaporizers focussed on convection mode involve a pre-heating effort that ruined my esxperience ultimately. That's why throwing money at it won't solve the problem for guys like me, maybe you're in a same boat. Who knows!


    That plan would fail miserably in my case, because somehow i'm a bit like those patients requiring what's called "orphan" medecine i guess: no commercial offers ever really addressed *MY* most basic needs. The industials serve their own self-serving agendas, even installed artisans can't think out of the box. The vape that saves my day right now has been remodelled a numerous amount of times because i just couldn't operate it as sold, to be honest. Then this month the breakthrough occured and i'm so relieved because of that. Because i was starting to wonder if my only options were being miserable with cannabis or abstinent without... By chance a good star guided my steps and the puzzle was completed once i went back to give it a fair evaluation. You can have the same at an affordable cost but this is moderately involving: you'd need to split an SiC disc in 2 parts. So if no proper cutting tool is available that could mean having to file down the discs of 2 pipes instead, but it can be done IMO. Too bad the "UFO" bit could be a totally different story in your location!

    It's certainly worth it if handy anyway; as vaporists we should always keep a "Plan-B" handy!... :cool:

    That would be pointless to me so if you're on a similar path i'd simply comment that can be fun at 1st and yet only time will tell what you can really tolerate or not... I needed a couple years for each of my vape except the Arizer which i gave away as a potpourri warmer past ~3 weeks, at my own expense and without the vaping accessories!... This one cause me enough concerns, i doubt initially it was actually meant to be present in the lungs path at all. Euh...

    The vaporizer pays for itself after a while and it may also promote a healthier consumption profile IMO. The pipe cools off immediately after a toke, if i'm satisfied for 3 ~ 4 hours after 2 good tokes that's an improvement relatively to my former HA profile, not to mention the V-Tower! Oh these do work in their own way but i wasn't impressed with the savings, not even the taste/aroma perceptions since i had to work so hard... The pipe toking is done in seconds, the ritual is ex-smoker friendly, almost an organic-style of aesthetical event...


    It can be delicate or strong, it depends on the operator's skills and preferences. To me it seems the pipe eventually leads to more civilized appreciation than just the intoxication buzz; burst-mode delivery seems to render the "locomotive" effect impossible but this still threatens tolerance level in case of abuse - and quite frankly it's too easy/tempting when it's that good! Maybe you should think of such features too.

    At worst all i need on my table while enjoying the veranda (...) shall happen to be a drink with strong gum nearby. Not long ago i used to take a sip before and after each inhalation, not anymore since i've found what i required all along. Maybe you'd want to start there too, if so i'd refer to the VaporGenie butane-operate line of produtcts and similar, the NimbinVap might be fun too apparently. Though it's entirely possible you'll encounter such operation difficulties as i have. When that verifies you may be your only option left!...

    So... Are you handy with fine cutting tools?...

    Good day, have fun!! :D
  4. Clevis

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    I have to agree with redtails the volcano is thee best out, it's also very expensive however and large while in use. As far as hand held there is one called the Titan, titanII, snoop dogg.. These are all pretty much the same they have different names. Obviously the titanII was an update though I am not sure exactly what they changes from the original. I have a Titan as well as several other so called loose leaf vapes. Vaporizers take time to adjust to, they do not feel quite the same as a bong hit and there is a psychological barrier you will have to work through if you intend to really use them. So whatever your choice I recommend you keep that in mind, it takes a couple months usually but is completely worth it for your health.
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  5. rudiepop

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    The Arizer Air from Vapor nation. Better than the SOLO which I liked. Portable and works at least as good as the Volcano. About $275 out the door. You WONT be disappointed.
    Still would rather burn a doob than anything. just my preference.
  6. Egzoset

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    Salutations RudiePop,

    Most certainly this bold statement was addressed to Julie, personally i garantee i wouldn't enjoy an Arizer unless they have a radical 180 degree change of mind about peculiar designer dogma which forces unsuspecting good-will customers to tolerate the absence of a proper air-mass separation: e.g. your lungs path gets shared with the electronics ventilation path in every single Arizer model. That means in case of a catastrophic failure eventual fumes can reach the pulmonary airways before the owner even gets a clue while he's sucking hard on potentially toxic emanations. Not my cup of tea!

    So far i've never seen this corrected to my satisfaction and hence i welcome updated information in case of recent improvements. Otherwise i just can't agree to such a trade-off personally, only to gain trivial battery-operation convenience in a somewhat portable format (pouch required anyway). Sorry but the idea that i might choke hard on fumes someday would kill my sense of serenity and it turns out i vape to enhance relaxing moments...

    Good day, have fun!! :D
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  7. rudiepop

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    Ummm...yeah....Like I said.
    Get the Airizer AIR and you wont be disappointed. The quality of this vape is above reproach.
    Regardless of peoples delicate sensabilities.
    Never heard of or seen any evidence of, the afore mentioned problem.
    Catastrophic failure? Really? With all due respect...You need to educate yourself on the physics of a battery. Especially what needs to occure for one fail ,leak, blow up etc.
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  8. Egzoset

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    Salutations RudiePop,

    We all do our best... Right??




    M'well... While i've got yet another Arizer fan ready to insult me over electric-dry thin air, euh...


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Would you be kind enough to provide the reader with an objective detailed protocol-driven scientific comparison between the solution which you've just put forward so boldly while all i can submit to your expertise resides in a bunch of uneducated pieces of evidence that were shared publicly, on-line - without YOU ever exchanging 1 word with me on such novel concerns as i recall!... How come???


    Too bad my contraptions weren't as ideal as an Arizer Air electric-dry portable cannabis vaporizer!

    Anyway, more specifically what does a portable Arizer Solo/Air implement that an HerbalAire cannot in terms of ovens/bowls and cannabic vapor exactly?? Sorry, i'm simply curious by nature...


    Also, while you're prepared to explore the advanced educated physics incorporated into every single Arizer design, aHummm!... It would be a privilege to us all i guess if YOU would care to show relevant information related to various manufacturer data-sheets in order to support YOUR own safety-wise statements, before commenting those of others. For example:


    Does Arizer use those warnings and if so can you show me a label please? Go figure, asking for such trivial things typically calls for trouble almost every single time i do!!



    And it's not the result of a failing imagination. Ya no...


    Ah! Euh... While i think of these, would YOU consider commenting/explaining failure modes in those devices including hypothetical scenarios such as leaking or blowing up with a direct connection made to the lungs path, e.g. during inhalation!


    Does this INLET "fresh" air path still apply to the Solo and has it not been transposed in the Air model as well?? By the way, do YOU have the means to illustrate how the Arizer Air oven assembly differs for that matter?


    No appologies are expected nor even necessary, you've rendered us service by illustrating the many obstacles Julie will encounter on her path (...) attempting to decide what's a perfect match for her own individual needs, without noisy interference from disrespectful individuals prepared to bully around for some obscure motive.

    Good day RudiePop, since life's so short i'll put my [ Ignore ] button to good use and invite you to do just the same.

    With all due respect...

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  9. rudiepop

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    You sure do write well...I'll give you that.
    You still haven't proven a thing. Where is the evidence that this has ever happened to any Airizer product?
    I simply stated that YOU should find out what it takes for a battery to fail.
    I won't waste all the time you obviously did with your little wordy presentation.
    You are the only person that I recall ever having such concerns.
    A failure DURING USE is next to impossible. Failure from lack of use....not so much.
    And yes....ingnoring.
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  10. Egzoset

    Egzoset Registered+

    Yet i can still read you - if i wish to, etc...


    You, you, you! It's all about me... I'm quite flattered to be honest, witnessing so much energy, euh... Wasted on ME! Me, me, me!...

    Congratulations for demonstrating such character-assassination skills!!

    Well done. Arizer-subsided perhaps?...
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  11. rudiepop

    rudiepop Registered+

    Character assassination?:eek:
    Your character was never addressed. :confused::grumpy:
    :oops:Your ignorance was.
    Sorry you are so offended.
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  12. riley carr

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    Hey my name is Riley Carr and Lol Bruh you should just try getting a high quality g-pen like and $80 one i use that with dry bud and it seems to work pretty good. Or you can try getting a heavy duty mod E-Cig and getting a vape attatchment for it, that should do the job. Also another thing is getting wax, i know you said you can't but you can easily make some with the dry bud you get. You can dab with it or you can use you moded e-cig and whip the oil with some 0 nicotene e- liquid then use lol thats what i do and that shit fucks you up, thc e-liquid.

    Studies have shown when you smoke wax you get smarter, It stimulates your brain cells and makes them grow check it out here it's crazy -

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  13. DZX

    DZX Registered+

    Oh my goodness. I just read all that.
  14. Egzoset

    Egzoset Registered+

    Salutations DZX,

    Really?? Maybe just not everything that's actually relevant yet so lets give a chance to objective information, on the Volcano (classic edition) for example:


    Then please consider taking a risk being surprized after asking those who can't enjoy or even use such electric-dry cannabic vapor as myself, since real value doesn't always measure in money weight - my sense of serenity has a cost that money can't buy...

    Quite frankly RudiePop, be advised YOUR actions fail to reflect such intent as claimed. As far as i'm concerned i don't believe 1 word of it, especially after YOU've made certain to provide a resale point (V***N*****) with a price tag attached right next to it...

    Now ain't that smelling fishy just a tiny bit?!! o_O

    In any case, Google is our friend, ya no... Never heard about it?... We can even shop around for the best price it turns out, can YOU imagine?!


    So, Dear RudiePop, although the great Egzoset can't be expected to value YOUR intervention much further (aHummm!...) - life's short, remember? - well for YOUR very own convenience exactly here's some reminder of what every single member is supposed to acknowledge at registration time, at least i have:


    « You agree to not use the Service to submit or link to any Content which is defamatory, abusive, hateful... ... ...likely to offend... »

    Yet, despite a clear warning *YOUR* monologue goes on and arguments would pile up like there's no tomorrow if i dared to bite into it (e.g. not "cool").


    Personally i felt confident eventually the members will be authorized to read about a few more brand/model suggestions once the systematic obstruction has stopped. Nobody but trolls register in hope to witness themselves being to put on trial over such thin air - electric-dry that is!

    My intervention was never focussed on adverti$ing and lets forget about writing skills as those are not your concern nor open to discussion here. I'm not the topic, read the title above if still in doubt...


    Personally i've expressed my findings after a 4+ years quest trying to figure what's so irrevocably broken with the Arizers of this world, the famou$$$ Volcano included since i don't wish to offend YOU... Or shall i say Arizer?

    In order to make things even i'll go as far as to repeat a previous statement, again: my venerable HerbalAire and any other electric-dry device/concept proved intolerable over the long-term: i can't physically stand those anymore and hence my only wish is that Julie understands what this may imply, potentially.


    That's all i care about and i must add there's no way i could end up asking YOU for "educative" tips as YOU've got 2 consecutive chances so far and yet prefered to spoil it all. You, you, you...

    Oh, by the way, lets finish this penible task of mine with a quote of the OP herself:

    To conclude, if i were arogant i could as well comment « Been there, done that! », so my answer is simple: care to ask her for YOUR approval, dear RudiePop, not me as i've got enough of YOU! Always keep in mind my [ IGNORE ] list still works for YOU, dude... How about YOURS?

    You, you, you! Me, me, me!... :dummy:

    Good day, have fun!! :D
  15. DZX

    DZX Registered+

    Hi Egzoset,

    Which Vaporizer is you current favourite?
  16. rudiepop

    rudiepop Registered+

    Where the f**k do you get all of this rediculous crap. You must be really insecure. I don't give a rip what anyone chooses to buy. I just offered a recommendation based on my experience. I wasn't even talking to you "EGSOTWIT" Or is it EGO twit?
    I simply called you out on your wordy bullsh#t rant about a possible "catastrophic failure" and you got your inflated ego tweeked a bit.
    If i see someone feeding a line of bullsh*t to someone sincerely looking for genuine advice, ON ANYTHING ! I'm gonna call you on it.
    I am sure that there are many fine vapes out there that will work fine. I have tried about 30 or so and gave my opinion based on that experience.
    Now why don't you go burn one and get your head right.... or simply STFU.
  17. Egzoset

    Egzoset Registered+

    Salutations DZX,

    The only one i can use at the moment! Though ultimately it could even be a table model provided it implements Inlet Auto-Conditioning and so far this is all i could imagine that might allow me to evaluate such alternative, e.g. the full treat without butane:

    That should provide all the power necessary to evaporate 1 droplet of water or 2... This way electric-dry air can be moisturized prior to injection into the heat-exchanger for "potentialization", an expression of mine to highlight some similarity with cigarettes/joints - without the toxic waste essentially. Fresh air would arrive through 3 openings on the top circumference and exit in the center collecting point, below a cannabic vaporization bowl. The addition of vater vapor would be optional, rendering this concept fully inclusive IMO. Which the Arizer(s), Volcano and their suite are NOT.

    Thanks for this 3rd memorable sample, RudiePop. Now my short answer, as an animated picture (given the circumstances!...):



    Good day, have fun!! :D
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  18. bmember

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    Get a Volcano as fast as you can. In the beginning I got a Pax, Arizer Air, and a couple others. I'm sorry I didn't just get the Volcano to begin with (but I didn't know!). I ordered from Puffitup last Thrusday and got it via Fed Ex on Saturday.

    So I just got my Volcano two days ago and I'm now living the dream. After the Volcano heats up in about 3 or 4 minutes, you just fill the balloon with vapor and vape off that balloon every few hours all day. It's really quite unbelievable how easy and simple this is. And you get a smooth vape with lots of vapor. I set my Classic at 5.5 which is 365 F and it's perfect. I can see the vapor in the balloon, I take a hit, hold it about 4 seconds and blow vapor out. No pain, just a quick high off the first hit. Try getting that with a portable and you'll get frustrated real fast.

    You can't begin to know how maintenance-free the Volcano is or how beautifully it works until you've actually tried it. It has a stellar reputation for being made with the highest quality materials that last forever. I just can't thank Storz and Bickel enough for making my dream come true. Although you can vape the Volcano with concentrates too I'm reserving it just for herb and will use my Grasshopper vape pen for the concentrates for now. I'll get that one in September so I'll see how that goes. It will also serve as my portable vape. I have to also admit that I just received the Vapman...couldn't pass that one up! Love the no-battery solution. It's for taking out of the house too.

    If you have the money and you're an MJ vaper, the Volcano will be the best home vaporizer investment you can make. And most likely the last. I still can't believe how awesome it is!
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  19. Mycroft420

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    No serious bonger is ballooning (unless it's offered)... For dry - check out the Plenty. Made by the same folks, Storz & Bicke, that make s the plenty. Direct massive hits. Bowl holds damn near a gram although there's a spacer to cut that... if you want. Grind it, pack it, hit it at 5 then 6 ... toss the remains (that's your daily maintenance) in a mason jar until half full then fill with Bacardi 151 for two weeks oh my... no waste... The Plenty is expensive but it is a rock solid tool (which is what it looks like) that just amazing.

    You should also look at sub-ohm juice - the clouds... the clouds

    Storz & Bicke Plenty, try it, you'll like it
  20. linkchitta1454

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