Heavy Bong smoker, trying to switch to Vaporizing. Best Vaporizer??

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Julie Allen, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. chebus420

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    i bought the mighty by storz and bicke and its blown me away. big rips that have you coughing your ass off!! you can get a joint attachment so you can still use your bongs. seriously this is the way to go its basically the volcano but it fits in your pocket. plus when cops searched my car they didn't even realize what it was and left it behind. its a bit pricey at $400 but its sooooo worth it
  2. Egzoset

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    M'well, i hope it's actually providing convenient access to a much more nuanced application range than just that!...

    After all, what appreciation is there when a consumer's senses get brutally saturated with some thick cloud. My 2 ¢.

    Good day, have fun!! :D
  3. carolinahempcompany

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    For portable vaping I like the Old Boi powder series.
  4. Bumer750IL707

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    I'm im the same situation as the OP lol. trying to switch to the vape side..

    I'm gonna try the Kbox mini vape. Hopefully it can replace my bong usage.
  5. Wayne Wilkin

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    Wow and all you wanted to do was get off of the bong and vape you poor girl. Did you get hammered. Listen getting off a bong is no easy task. Bong hits are hard and fast were as vape hit can be just as hard but can take a few minutes longer. Vapes, dime a dozen. Your going to get as many opinions as responses. One thing I will tell you about pens. If your using concentrates & weed use separate devices for each, the concentrate devices get gummy. Me & my wife have a Focus for our pens love them. You should find something with a replaceable battery, ceramic chamber, glass tip for flavor, stuff like that, just my 2¢.
  6. John Williams

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    Dynavap, Sticky Brick, Lotus. All fantastic. All butane torch lighter powered. Check them out on Youtube

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