Helical / Cfl light?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Bonez87x, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Bonez87x

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    Can some one help clear this up for me? Its a GE brand Helical 26w 120vac 60Hz 390mA lightbulb, and judging by pictures it appears to be the same, but I dont know if this is really a cfl or not. I have like 6 of these and was wondering there ability to be used for growing.

    HARDDON Registered+

    Looks CFL to me.

    I say give it a whirl.

    Just make sure you use all 6. :)
  3. Bonez87x

    Bonez87x Registered+

    aight, thanks for the fast reply harddon, these bulbs are relitivly cheap.

    HARDDON Registered+

    Thats why you need all 6 :)
  5. rysk8er420

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    If youre gonna use 6 26w CFL bulbs, you might as well go out and buy some 75-100w ones at wal-mart for like 10 bucks, theyll be so much brighter and they dont even get hot.

    HARDDON Registered+

    A common mistake.

    You do not buy 75 - 100W CFL' at wal-mart for 10 bucks. You may buy 27W =100W but not true watts.

    Or may 35W=100W.

    But they are not the wattage you need for tomato plants. Also, their Kelvin temps tend to range around 3500......not enuff :)
  7. Marc Benson

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    "buy some 75-100w ones at wal-mart"

    What Harddon said.
  8. rysk8er420

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    well for a cheap buy, they worked for me quite well, until i transplanted my plants into 5 gallon containers. They are now 8 1/2', 7', 7 1/2', and 6' so i would say as starter bulbs for a noob grower they work well.

    Obviously i am aware there are much better light sources, i just bought what was available to me at the time and it worked.
  9. Marc Benson

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    No one said they won't work. Just that your suggestions that they were the wattages you said was wrong.

    "their Kelvin temps tend to range around 3500."

    Warm White - 2700K
    Cool White - 4100K
    Bright White - 5000K
    Daylight - 5100K

    HARDDON Registered+

    OH and I bet they are just filled with buds and secondary bud sites :)

    Hell why waste the juice?

    Just light some candles :)
  11. Bonez87x

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    four of them was in a plastic package that read 100w . . . and it was at walmart lol

    yeah, I have em dangling low near my lil one, a bit stretched out from poor lighting when it started out v_v alot of round leaves and barly and multipointed ones o_0

    but yes, hopfully I can get my closet setup in the master bed closet up soon.
  12. Marc Benson

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    "four of them was in a plastic package that read 100w"

    Sort of like this one. 43 watt that replaces a 200 watt.

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