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Discussion in 'Europe' started by OldPascas, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. OldPascas

    OldPascas Registered

    High all from Germany,

    Western parts, surrounded by the netherlands lucky me :jointsmile:

    posts, introductions, smart-ass remarks, all welcome in English, German or dutch!

    If u got em, toke em!!:thumbsup:
  2. OldPascas

    OldPascas Registered

    just cause its april 1st doesnt mean u aint got not to post anything? any smokers n Tokers from Germany, Benelux?

  3. INRI

    INRI Registered

    Jope, right here! I´m from the Soutwest, Saarland, yeah! :D

    And u?
  4. OldPascas

    OldPascas Registered

    where are u from

    German west border ... Hlland on three sides from the place where i live...

    :jointsmile: :thumbsup: :jointsmile:

    /ME listening: Pink Floyd - Run like Hell
  5. Exodus_herbman

    Exodus_herbman Registered+

    I've studied German in School for 5 years now, what's some slang for herb over there. They don't teach us that.
  6. OldPascas

    OldPascas Registered

    term for weed....

    we got lotsa and most will understand a fair share of american slang for Cannabis sativa ;)

  7. OldPascas

    OldPascas Registered

    Germany, Benelux

    u all to stoned to leave a post?

  8. MrMojoRisin7127

    MrMojoRisin7127 Registered+

    I'm a foreign exchange student right now in Bad Homburg and I'm having a great time.:smokin:
  9. OldPascas

    OldPascas Registered


    Hope u learn alot here :D

  10. dannyboy420

    dannyboy420 Registered+

    Can anyone tell me about the availability of weed in Germany for a visitor from the US?

    I'll be there in a week or so and would like to smoke there.

  11. auzzie

    auzzie Registered+

    Hey guys...... Im going to be in Germany net febuary.... Anyone want to meet up with an aussie dude and show me how the Germans party.... I had some of those little shots in bottles that you slam on the table and drink. They are wicked. Also Im learning german so thats fun. I just need to learn the writing aspent now really. Had a freind that lived next door to me from the Netherlands that spoke German too. He was AWESOME.
  12. INRI

    INRI Registered

    Depends. If you´re in a town, it´s definitely easier. But i think its generally not that easy without any connection. Maybe you chould visit Hollan, if it aint too far.
  13. OldPascas

    OldPascas Registered


    is there anybody in there?
  14. DurbanStone

    DurbanStone Registered+

    I'm in Mannheim as of now, and there's NO WEED HERE! It's annoying.
  15. Nightrafe

    Nightrafe Registered+

    Belgium over here. Still visiting the boards?

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